Decentralizing your gun storage makes it more difficult for thieves to find your guns and far easier for you to protect yourself. This means putting firearms in strategic locations throughout your home so that thieves can’t locate all of them at once also giving you fast access to your guns when you need it.

  1. Store all of your guns in a single gun safe and thieves will find them in no time. They’ll cut into it and, in just a few minutes, make off with all of your guns. It happens every day.
  2. If you store all your firearms in a single gun safe, you’d better hope to be close to it, with fast access, if you ever need to protect yourself and your family from an intruder.

AGILE™ ULTRALIGHT GUN SAFES hold six firearms (plus handguns and accessories) and are small enough to fit virtually anywhere in your home. FASTBOX™ HIDDEN GUN SAFES hold one or two firearms (or several handguns and valuables) and are designed to hide under your bed and in closets or corners.

Where to store your firearms to give you a tactical advantage against an intruder

Fast Box gun safe under bed with home defense rifle and handgun

A firearm does you no good if you can’t get to it when you need it.

If you have firearms locked in your home, store them in a manner that gives you an advantage in the event of a crisis.

These statistics may surprise you:

  1. 30% of burglaries occur when someone is home.
  2. 38% of assaults & 60% of rapes occur during home invasions.
  3. 65% of all home break-ins occur during the day.

And, unfortunately, locking your doors is not the answer. For less than $20 online, any thug can buy a set of bump keys that will unlock most doors.

While the actual risk of a violent home invasion in America is low, it still makes sense to ensure the safety of your family. And this means locating easy-to-access firearms in strategic locations.

Where do thieves go when they break into your home?
FBI crime data data shows that when a thief breaks into your home they will likely go to:

the master bedroom,
the home office,
the living room
the dining room,

…in that order.

If they think there is a gun safe in the house, they may go into the basement.

So where do you store firearms for the best tactical advantage?

While the master bedroom is the worst room to store valuables, it’s also a room where you spend a great deal of time sleeping. Store one or two firearms in a SecureIt Fast Box under your bed. This way you have protection in the event of an intrusion in the middle of the night.

The kitchen pantry is a great location for a vertical Fast Box. Thieves are not typically interested in the kitchen. But this is a room people spend a lot of time in during the day but one that rarely has an exit. In the event of a home invasion, if you are in the kitchen, you want quick access to a firearm. This allows you to arm yourself and escape. Your goal is to avoid confrontation.

A closet near the front door is also a good location for a Fast Box or even an Agile cabinet. Thieves ignore closets like this.

Yet, if someone tries to force themselves through the front door, you want fast access to a firearm.

placing a rifle into a hidden gun safe

If your home has a guest room with a closet, that’s a good location for additional gun storage. Thieves will typically ignore guest rooms.

You should also have a plan in the event of a crisis.

In case of fire, you should choose a place to meet outside the home so everyone can be accounted for. In the event of a home invasion, you should designate a room for family members to meet. A guest room or non-master bedroom at the end of a hallway is best. This allows you a shooting lane to eliminate threats. Put a Fast Box or Agile cabinet in this room.

Yes, the odds of a home invasion are low but the cost can be high. That’s why you need to store your firearms for a tactical advantage.