Why SecureIt

CradleGrid Technology

The heart of SecureIt’s intelligent firearm storage system

The SecureIt® CradleGrid system, like so many transformational technologies, is elegant in its simplicity. It consists of three components: a grid panel that attaches to the back of a cabinet, safe, wall, etc; cradles that can be easily repositioned, allowing for fast system reconfiguration without the need for tools and which include an adjustable bungee that goes over the barrel; and a tiered base into which the butt stock of each firearm sits to ensure proper lean angle.


SecureIt’s revolutionary CradleGrid Technology brings intelligent adjustability and adaptability to firearm storage at every level

Designed to accommodate firearms with optics

The CradleGrid system was designed to accommodate firearms with optics attached so you’ll never need to re-zero because of an inadequate storage system.

Straight-line access and organizational awareness

With SecureIt’s CradleGrid system, you’ll get straight-line access to each and every firearm. There is never a need to move other firearms out of the way. You’ll also get a comprehensive view of your entire firearm line-up for maximum efficiency. Organize your guns as you see fit, not as your storage system dictates.

Store and organize gear along with your firearms

SecureIt firearm storage is also designed to store and organize all of your related gear and accessories right along with your firearms. This is something no other firearm storage system can do.


Available as part of a cabinet or to retrofit your existing gun safe or gun cabinet

SecureIt makes a full line of firearm storage cabinets and accessories that feature CradleGrid Technology and offers retrofit kits that allow you to incorporate CradleGrid into your existing gun safe or gun cabinet.