M4 / M16: Weapon Rack NSN Number

Secureit M4 or M16 Weapon Rack NSN Number, rail equipped AR15 with scope and bipod set up on case

M4 Rack NSN 1095-01-599-5325 Bi-fold Doors
M4 Rack NSN-1095-01-599-4882 Retractable Doors


Just 1 simple moving part stores all military weapons

SecureIT upper weapon saddle

Unlimited flexibility

This NSN weapon rack stores all rifles and crew served weapons including: M2, M240, M249 MK19 and most shoulder launch systems

Approved by TACOM MARCOSYSCOM and the Navy for shipboard applications

The cradle profile is designed to properly store all weapons and allow for eay organization of associated weapons gear. SecureIt NSN weapon racks allow you a great deal of flexibility in laying our your armory. The upper saddles will also accommodate all shotguns, Crewserved weapons, M2 and MK19s, and can even be used for mortar canons and most shoulder launch weapon systems.

One Cabinet


Unlimited flexibility



Note: Bi-fold door cabinets are the best choice for most armories. They are smaller 36″ vs 42″ wide and allow for faster access to weapons. The Retracting door cabinets are designed for high-density mobile aisle storage systems. The interior of each cabinet is the same

Weapon storage system flexibility

SecureIt Cradle

Simple and efficient flexibility allows the armorer to quickly and easily adapt the weapon racks to meet his specific needs. No tools are required and reconfiguration takes minutes.


The Patented SecureIt upper saddle give you flexibility and control to build your armory as you see fit.  Integrated bungees secure slings and provide tie down capability for mobile applications. There is proper stand-off to store rifles with large optics.
nsn weapon racks the secureit upper saddle
All SecureIt Racks use the same patented cradle to store all weapons. If your weapons list changes, you do not need to purchase new saddles or brackets
M4 Rack NSN 1095-01-599-5325 Bi-fold Doors
M4 Rack NSN-1095-01-599-4882 Retractable Doors
 Bi-fold door cabinets work best in most armories. Please contact SecureIt for assistance.


Weapon Storage: The Industry Leader


How a technology storage expert, turned military weapon storage guru, is revolutionizing the way military armories store their weapons

tom_largeTom Kubiniec got involved in military weapon storage in 2001 while running a technology storage company. He received a call from a client who asked if his storage company could store MP5s in one of its high-security laptop storage cabinets. He was intrigued, and as he looked further into military weapon storage, he found that there were serious concerns and difficulties with the existing systems. The military was moving to modular weapon systems which leveraged a wide variety of attachable optics and electronics (ACOGs, PEQs, etc.). Weapon storage systems, designed for traditional battle rifles (M16, M14, M4), simply were not up to the task of storing these modern weapon systems with their modular components and parts.

It seemed that the companies supplying these weapon storage solutions did not fully understand the challenges and requirements of the modern armory. Most manufacturers were reacting to military weapon system changes by simply adding new components and pieces to their existing rack systems. The net result was that most of the weapon storage systems on the market became very complex, non-adjustable and very difficult to use.

“We took a different approach”

Tom took a different approach. His storage company was fortunate to be located in southern California, with proximity to many military installations. Tom and his associates took every opportunity to visit these facilities to talk with the armorers in command about the challenges faced in a military going through a modernization initiative. They rapidly gained a great deal of experience in military armories. SecureIt was created as a business to address the challenges associated with storage and organization of modern modular weapon systems.

SecureIt® wins the USASFC armory assessment contract

In October 2006, USASFC (U.S. Army Special Forces Command) was facing several big issues in their armories. Storage systems that had been recently purchased were simply not working. A solicitation was put out for an armory assessment program. SecureIt won the contract. Over the next seven months, SecureIt traveled to all CONUS Army Special Forces locations, surveyed the armories, interviewed the armorers and observed the work flow. This level of access to our most elite fighting forces was normally impossible. The time spent in the armories and the frank discussions with team members gave SecureIt an incredible amount of information and experience.

In a brief to USASFC, SecureIt outlined the need to move to modular, scalable solutions. The problem was, a modular, scalable solution essentially did not exist. This realization quickly led to an intense and involved search for a solution, which SecureIt ultimately developed. Since then, SecureIt has designed and installed weapon storage solutions for all branches of the military, in all theaters of operation




NSN Weapon Racks: How to Build an Armory

Weapon storage armroy

Learn how to build out an entire armory with just 1 or 2 NSNs

SecureIt has 10 NSNs for military weapon storage racks.

  • 5 with Bi-fold doors
  • 5 with Retracting doors

Video: Understanding SecureIt NSN Weapon Racks.

Building out a typical weapon storage armory system.

Here I take an actual weapons density list and build out the basic armory, then make some changes to add additional storage.

Note: Bi-fold door cabinets are the best choice for most armories and will be used in the examples in this article. Please understand that retracting door cabinets could be substituted for bi-fold as the interiors are the same.

Type M4 M500 M14 M9 M249 M240 MK19 M2
Qty 140 14 6 40 4 4 3 2

This is a typical weapons list. There will also be optics, NVGs , and other associated gear.

The above weapons list requires 191 weapon spaces to fit all the weapons see: “How many racks do I need”

Starting with the 24/24 cabinet (NSN: 1095-01-599-5325) 191 spaces equals 8 weapon racks (191 ÷ 24 = 7.96 or round up to 8 cabinets)

The Weapon Storage Platform allows for easy and fast configuration of the cabinets.
The drawing shows all weapons in the above list, properly stored in the 8 cabinets.

Adding more storage to your system

In many armories you will need shelving space for cases, mounts and other gear. Here we swap 1 24/24 cabinet for 2 SC4 cabinets to gain shelf space. Each CS4 stores up to 12 weapons with 3 full span 900lb capacity storage shelves.

In the drawing I have removed 1 24/24 cabinet and added 2 CS4 units. This gives you the same amount of weapon storage space, plus adds storage shelving.

I have removed 1 additional 24/24 and added 2 more CS4s. As you can see, you now have quite a bit of storage build into the system.

In terms of total weapon storage 1 24/24 cabinet equals 2 CS4 cabinets.

Note: The CS 4 cabinets do not have handgun bins. In most armories the number of long guns ( rifles / crew cerved) far exceeds the number of handguns so a mix of 24/24 and CS4 cabinets will usually store all handguns. If you have a high quantity of handguns then consider adding HD-Handgun cabinets (NSN 1095-01-599-4872). Each will store 220 handguns.


Optics and gear storage

The 120-bin handgun, optics and gear cabinet has 60, 6″ x 11″ x 5″ storage bins, each with a removable divider. The bins are used to store handguns, optics and other gear. Each bin is rated at 30lbs. Also see: Gun Cabinet Storage Bins

Here I have added 2 bin cabinets to a basic weapon storage configuration. There is now organized storage for NVGs, optic, magazines or other gear.Bins from the 120-Bin cabinets can be used throughout the system.

Image – Bins from the 120-bin cabinets have been swapped with shelves from the CS4 cabinets. This allows you to organize gear, optics, handguns and weapons in a manner that best meets your mission needs.As you can see the SecureIt Tactical Weapon Storage Platform allows you total control and total system flexibility.


SecureIt 24/24 cabinet

NSN: 1095-01-599-5325

This cabinet will hold every weapon in a military armory and is the primary NSN used in most weapon storage projects.


SecureIt CS4 cabinet

NSN: 1095-01-599-4865

The Crew Served Rack configuration is designed to store crew served or other weapon in bottom with 2 storage shelves above. Capacity is 4 M2 or MK19s, 6 M240 / M249s, 12 Rifles or a combination. Adding a few crew served racks to you armory will give you flexible weapon racking with gear storage shelves above.


SecureIt 120-Bin Cabinet

NSN: 1095-01-599-4871

The Handgun and gear configuration stores 120 M9 handguns or a wide variety of optics and gear. Modular bins have removable dividers and can be relocated in any SecureIt cabinet. Bins adjust on back panel and may be used in any SecureIt rack for optimum organization.


SecureIt HD-Handgun Cabinet

NSN: 1095-01-599-4872

High Density Handgun cabinet is used when you have a large quantity of handguns to store.


SecureIt MG12 Cabinet

NSN: 1095-01-599-4868

Machine gun cabinet uses 6 single capacity rifle shelves. This allows the upper rifle stocks sit between lower rifle barrels. Popular when you have a lot of M240 and M249 other rifles over 42″ long where rifle length requires that the stocks and barrels overlap.

The interior of the retracting door cabinet is identical to the bi-fold cabinets and all parts are interchangeable. Retracting door cabinets are designed for high density mobile aisle systems where the system is designed to be operated with all rack doors open. For most armory applications, bi-fold door cabinets are a better choice.

NSN: 1095-01-599-4882 Retractable Door – 24 rifles and 24 handgun configuration
NSN: 1095-01-599-4878 Retractable Door Crew Served Rack configuration
NSN: 1095-01-599-4880 Retractable Door Machine gun cabinet configuration
NSN: 1095-01-599-4886 Retractable Door The Handgun and gear configuration
NSN: 1095-01-599-4887 Retractable Door High Density Handgun cabinet


NSN Weapon Racks: How Many Weapon Racks Do I Need?

weapon racks for armory

Build an entire armory with just 1 or 2 NSNs
The flexibility of the SecureIt weapon storage platform makes it possible. Using the NSN: 1095-01-599-5325 24/24 Rifle & Handgun Cabinet as the base you can quickly build out your armory or add to existing systems.
(see: NSN weapon Racks: How to build an armory)

armory weapon racks

One 24/24 Cabinet can be configured in minutes to store a wide variety of weapons.
No additional components are required.

So how many weapon racks do you need?
Here you will learn how to quickly determine the quantity of weapon racks needed to complete your armory or weapon storage project.
The Basics

To find the total number of weapon racks required:
total rifle spaces needed ÷ 24 = total racks needed

A rifle space is the space required in the cabinet to hold 1 rifle.
Each cabinet holds 24 rifles.

So for basic rifles and shotguns: take the total quantity of weapons and divide by 24

162 rifles ÷ 24 = 6.75 weapon racks. Always round up, 7 weapon racks will hold all the rifles.

Larger Format Weapons

mk19-m4 rack
As you can see in the image 2 MK19s require the space of 6 rifles.

Crew-served and other large format weapon systems require more space and must be accounted for. See weapon size reference chart at the end of this article

Here is an example using an actual Army EMTOE list:

Weapon Qty x spaces required = total spaces
M4 86 x 1 = 86
Shotguns 16 x 1 = 16
M249SAW 12 x 2 = 24
M2 4 x 3 = 12
MK19 2 x 3 = 6
Total spaces required = 144

The quantity of each weapon is multiplied by the number of spaces the weapon requires. Example from the previous image: MK19s take up 3 rifle spaces, in this case 2 MK19s multiplied by 3 (spaces required per weapon) equals 6 spaces.

So we apply the formula : Total rifle spaces needed ÷ 24 = Total racks needed to the weapons list above to get the number of racks needed for this armory.

144 ÷ 24 = 12
You can build this armory with 12 NSN 1095-01-599-5325 weapon racks.

The 24/24 cabinet includes 12 storage bins each with a divider. Each bin holds 2 handguns.
In the above example 12 racks were ordered for 144 rifle spaces. These will also include bins for 144 handguns. In most cases you will have plenty of room for handguns. If your handgun count is more than the total number of rifle spaces required then add NSN 1095-01-599-4871 or 1095-01-599-4872 of the extra handguns

Bins can also be used to store a wide variety of gear, ammunition and components. They can be located anywhere within the cabinet above, below and around rifles and other weapons.
Weapon size and rack reference chart
Weapon system Spaces required
M4 / M16 / M14 / most rifles 1
Shotguns 1
Most sniper rifles 1
Barrett M107 2
M249 SAW / MK46 2
M240 B,C,D/MK48 2
M60 2
MK19/MK47 Stryker 3
M2HB 2
GAU17 Minigun 3
M224 Canon 2
M224 Canon with bipod 4
Most Recoilless rifles 3
Carl Gustav 3

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