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When our Vertical and Angled magazine holders were developed, they were designed with our military armory roots in mind. At the time, P-Mags were not as popular as they are in today’s market. As we witnessed the shift to P-Mags and began receiving numerous comments and requests, we knew we had to act.

We listened to your feedback and heard your demands and are now excited to announce the latest product to our top of the line storage accessories. The AR Mag Holder.

What our product development team did is design one simple bracket that gives you an incredible amount of flexibility. In this one bracket, you can store up to four P-Mags for an AR-15 in one of five orientations. They can be stored vertically, inverted, sideways (facing left or right), and horizontally.

Great for gun wall displays or cabinets and safes.

Used for gun wall displays, quick access and also provides a small storage shelf.

Great for use inside of a Fast Box and Agile Model 52.

For quick access in an Agile Model 52.

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