Sig Sauer and SecureIt Gun Storage

Sig Sauer Armory

Industry partner Sig Sauer talking about SecureIt Gun Storage.

Sig Sauer is respected as a manufacturer of some of the highest quality firearms in the world. The team at Sig has a great appreciation for design,  precision workmanship and total quality. That’s why Sig Sauer uses SecureIt weapon racks and cabinets throughout their facilities.

The renovated Sig Academy Armory
Now with SecureIt CradleGrid system.

Tom Kubiniec

The Gun Storage Guru Considered the leading authority on weapon storage and armory design. Tom has designed and built weapon storage systems for all branches of the US military in all theaters of operation as well has foreign military forces in South America and the Middle East.

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  1. I attend classes at Sig Sauer all the time and have several firearms and accessories from their Pro Shop. They should become a dealer for SecureIt Gun Storage.

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