Gun Safes: Industry is out of touch

Every year at SHOT Show, the safe manufacturers set up elaborate booths with fancy lighting and comfortable chairs. Sales reps in sharp company logo-wear stand by, eager to share information as to what’s new with their safes and company. But what is really new? It seems that the only new things each year are paint finish, graphics, and maybe a new lock. The truth is that the real guts of a gun safe have not changed. This has been going... Read more »

Gun Cabinet: Upgrade Your Stack-On

There are somewhere around 13 million Stack On® gun boxes in America. That's 13 million gun cabinets that do not properly store modern rifles and shotguns. The challenge with traditional firearms storage solutions is that they do not take into account the size and form factor of modern sporting rifles or traditional rifles with scopes. SecureIt® CradleGrid technology conversion kits solve the problem. Here we have a typical Stack On® gun cabinet. In this example the cabinet has an advertised... Read more »

SecureIt Gun Cabinet Storage Bins

Modular Storage Bins Organization is a key to efficiency in a modern armory or weapon storage system. SecureIt® CradleGrid technology modular storage bins provide simple and very effective storage solutions. These bins, used in conjunction with SecureIt's CradleGrid system, allow a superior level of organization and efficiency.   No Mess storage for cleaning supplies Cleaning materials should be stored in bins. Were your cleaner to leak in these bins, the mess would remain in the bin rather than spilling over... Read more »