Gun Safes: Ratings and Certifications Are you being bamboozled?

The gun safe industry - Stuck in the 1950s In this video, learn about gun safes, the gun safe industry, ratings and UL certifications. Gun safes are marketed and sold on security perceptions, not on hard facts and actual certifications.  We try to present accurate and informative material to allow you to make an educated decision based on facts and not on preconception and emotion.   Breaking down UL Gun Safe  Certifications The first thing I want you look at is... Read more »

Armory Fail: Did Moody AFB just blow $118,553?

  Did Moody AFB just blow $118,553? From FedBizOpps: 23rd Contracting Squadron at Moody AFB is issuing this notice of intent (NOI) FA4830-16-Q-Z025 to inform industry contractors the Government's intent to execute a Single Source award under FAR Part 13 - Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP), with Patterson Pope Inc. This will be a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) award FA4830-16-P-0008, in the amount of $118,553.71.   What is happening here is the military is buying a bunch of components and brackets... Read more »

$760K Armory Mistake?

Should the US military use import weapon racks? Reprinted with permission of Brad Enders $760,000 of Canadian import weapon racks sit, unusable, in a quanset hut at Ft. Hood. When the 3rd BCT, 1st ID (Duke Brigade) was reactivated and uncased their Colors at Ft. Hood TX They needed to purchase new weapon racks for their armories. The decision was made to buy weapon racks imported from Canada. Sold in the US under several names, (Sekure, DSL), the weapon racks... Read more »

Beware of Cheap Imports!

Recently we have seen what can best described as "Cheap Import" weapon racks entering the US market. The cheap weapon cabinet distributors all make references to AR190-11 and OPNAV 5530 as reference points to security and quality of manufacturing. DOD requirements for small arms storage ( AR190-11 and OPNAVINST 5530.13C) are not standards for quality or good design. They simply make reference to minimum performance standards relating to locking bars and hinges. Both were written at a time when the... Read more »