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home defense plan checklist

Home Defense Plan – Are You Ready?

It’s In The Data Gun purchases in the United States throughout March 2021 were at an all-time high. MSN Money says March had one of the highest-selling figures since the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began recording them in 1998! The FBI records the number of transactions and publishes a list of how many

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Under the Bed Kit for Hidden Gun Safes

To Load or Not to Load: How Should You Store Firearms?

First-time gun owners were at record numbers in 2020. Many are not sure where to store – and most importantly, how to store firearms. A range of options exists, such as cable locks, gun cases, lockboxes, electronic lockboxes, full-size safes, and biometric safes in many configurations. The simple answer is to keep

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OAN network interview

Tom on OAN News
Decentralized gun storage

SecureIt Tactical President / CEO Tom Kubiniec was interviewed by OAN News regarding increased gun sales in 2020 and the impact of the coronavirus and recent rioting. Kubiniec also addresses the tactical advantages of decentralized gun storage for home defense and how to implement more strategic gun storage throughout your home.

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