tactical firearm training with Tom Kubiniec and sons

5 Common Mistakes on the Gun Range

Are you making these five common mistakes on the gun range? The reasons may surprise you! As a firearms instructor, I’ve been on countless gun ranges whether it is an indoor or outdoor range, and I notice many of the same mistakes repeatedly. Would you believe that these mistakes are not always

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Agile 52 gun safe bin kit

Is Your Safe Organized Efficiently?

Let’s Take A Look Maximizing the space in your safe and organizing your contents efficiently is not as easy as you may think with a traditional gun safe. One challenge for owners of multiple firearms is the lack of ability to quickly inventory and access guns when they are jumbled together in

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home defense in the dark

How To Defend In The Dark

Although crime happens at all times, you’ll want to practice defensive tactics in low light or no light conditions (especially in the dark). A tactical flashlight must serve two purposes: Identification and illumination. In other words, you need to identify the threat/intruder but also you need to illuminate areas so you can

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