High-Density Weapon Storage

Military armories are an “off-road” application

Cars and trucks function for vastly different purposes. One is to comfortably and economically transport people from one place to another, the other hauls heavy loads. While a tractor-trailer rig can haul heavy loads, it would fail if driving on rocky terrain. Think of a military armory as an off-road, heavy-duty hauler.

With space at a premium and weapon systems becoming modular, cabinets made with CradleGrid technology placed into a movable aisle system provide the additional adaptability and space needed in a modern armory. It’s a “go anywhere,” heavy-duty solution.

High-Density Mobile Aisle System

A proper military grade mobile aisle system should require at a minimum:

  • 5″ dual flanged wheels
  • Full-length steel drive axles
  • All-steel welded carriages
  • All-steel end panels
  • Decking should be rubber or VCT tile – never uncovered plywood.

The SecureIt retractable door cabinet is the optimal choice for insertion into the aisle movers, allowing armorers infinite configurations to securely store weapons.

Let us help you find the optimal weapon storage solution

SecureIt’s revolutionary CradleGrid™ technology offers unmatched adjustability and adaptability for your armory’s weapon storage needs. There are far too many possible configurations to show and price them all on our website. So, please contact SecureIt for assistance in overcoming your armory challenges. We’ll help you find the optimal solution to your weapon storage needs.


One cabinet.
Unlimited configurations.

This one cabinet can store every weapon in your armory without any additional components or equipment!


For instant adjustability without tools


Built tough with commercial-grade 14-gauge steel; all-welded (no rivets)


Vented doors that fold when opened to save space

Also: Retractable Door Design – Vented doors that fully retract alongside the cabinet


Reinforced 1/2 inch steel lip and nine-point locking (uses combination padlock – no lost keys)

  • High-Density
    SecureIt High Density Weapon Storage; shows Aile created when one row of 1824 lockers gets rolled out

    High-Density Weapon Storage – Mobile Aisle Systems

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Need assistance? Call: 800.651.8835 A five-minute phone call is all it takes to have a plan put together for your arms room upgrade, addition or new construction. The flexibility and simplicity of the weapon storage platform means one or two NSNs is all it takes to complete most arms rooms. This makes inventory and future logistics very easy.

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