Gear and equipment deserve intelligent storage, too

SecureIt developed these gear and equipment cabinets and lockers under contract with the 3rd Air Support Operations Group at Ft. Hood. Like its weapon cabinet brothers, SecureIt’s TA-50 cabinets and lockers have the same CradleGrid technology built into them for intelligent, adaptable and organized storage. Each locker can be quickly set up with shelving, hangers, bins or other COTS components to customize and organize personal or field gear. Changing configurations takes just a matter of minutes.

TA-50 Storage Cabinet

Space is more efficiently used in conjunction with the CradleGrid™ system. Commercial, off-the-shelf components allow equipment, that might otherwise just be thrown in, to fit a specific place in the arrangement. Such organization allows the user to more quickly locate and obtain needed gear. The TA-50 gear locker meets the same criterion as other SecureIt cabinets, including:

  • 14 gauge all welded steel cabinet
  • Adjustable 400-lb capacity shelves
  • Weapon storage capability
  • Secures with a padlock

Mini TA-50 Locker

More then double the troop capacity for a gear storage area. The Mini TA-50 locker is sized just right for maximum efficiency. The mini TA-50, while smaller than the standard TA-50 cabinet, is larger and much more organized than a traditional locker, thanks to CradleGrid™ technology. Still, it retains all of the ruggedness (400lb shelf capacity) found in the larger cabinet.

  • SecureIt-Mini-TA-50-Military-Equipment-Gear-Locker-01

    Mini TA-50 Military Equipment Gear Locker

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  • TGS_3624_TA50s-NOlouvers_CMYKsm

    TA-50 Storage Cabinet

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  • SecureIt TGS 1824 Weapons & Gear Cabinet, showing 2 tactical rifles and assorted personal gear in one, and all personal gear in the second

    TGS-1824 Weapons & Gear Cabinet

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  • SecureIt TGS 4800 Weapons & Gear Cabinet, with varying height AR platform rifles and crew-served weapons

    TGS-4800 Weapons & Gear Cabinet

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  • SecureIt TGS 4500 High Density M4 Cabinet with 19-M4, 3-M16, a rifle and tactical shotgun and 6-M9 sidearms in bins

    TGS-4500 High-Density M4 Cabinet

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  • SecureIt TGS 2500 Weapons & Gear Cabinet; loaded with 6 tactical long guns, ammunition, bins with magazines, helmets and cases

    TGS-2500 Weapons & Gear Cabinet

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  • SecureIt TGS 1500 Weapons & Gear Cabinet with assortment of 12 tactical long guns, ammunition and cases

    TGS-1500 Weapons & Gear Cabinet

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  • SecureIt TGS 150 Gear Storage Cabinet; four shelves and floor storage shoing cases, ammunition, bags and helmets stored in cabinet

    TGS-150 Gear Storage Cabinet

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Also available from SecureIt

Need assistance? Call: 800.651.8835 A five-minute phone call is all it takes to have a plan put together for your arms room upgrade, addition or new construction. The flexibility and simplicity of the weapon storage platform means one or two NSNs is all it takes to complete most arms rooms. This makes inventory and future logistics very easy.

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