Nine Key Reasons

1. Simple


With one moving part (the cradle) and two total parts, SecureIt’s CradleGrid Weapon Storage System is remarkably simple.

SecureIt’s CradleGrid system has just one moving part and is as simple as it gets. The patented cradle fits onto a grid and properly supports any weapon at the barrel, rail or magwell. The base interlocks and is tiered to support the butt stock of any weapon. That’s simple!

2. Non-proprietary


SecureIt’s CradleGrid Weapons Storage System is the only fully non-proprietary system available.

Not only is SecureIt’s CradleGrid system elegant in its simplicity, but it’s also non-proprietary. While the cradle and base are patented, the grid system itself will accept any number of accessories available at your local hardware or home store. No other military weapon storage system is commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)!

One cradle will store every weapon in your armory.

3. Sustainable


All other systems require you to purchase different brackets for each type of weapon.

Because the CradleGrid system adjusts to any and all weapons, there is no fear that it will become obsolete and no need to buy new brackets for new weapons.

The goal of a weapon storage system should be to meet current needs while also allowing flexibility to change with the times. Because the SecureIt CradleGrid system is universally adaptable, it will stand the test of time.

Other weapon storage systems that rely on brackets require the purchase of new brackets anytime you add new weapons. A catalog of brackets is a sure sign of ongoing and costly complexity.

4. Affordable


Because of its simplicity, the SecureIt Weapon Storage System is very affordable. There are fewer parts and fewer associated costs.

Simple things cost less. And, simple things create fewer headaches and come with fewer associated costs. A SecureIt Weapon Storage System, because it is so simple, is quite affordable — today, and especially down the road. There are no new brackets to buy, no training costs with new people, and no inventory control costs as things change and new weapons are added.

5. Ever organized


Because of SecureIt’s trademark adaptability, you’ll never run into the inefficiencies and frustrations that invariably come with changing weapons and inflexible weapon storage systems.

With other storage systems, as weapons and personnel change, what was originally organized becomes less so. This can lead to ineffective storage and even damage to weapons, the very problems that weapon storage is meant to eliminate.

Thanks to SecureIt’s remarkable adaptability and intuitive use, you’ll never run into deteriorating storage results.

6. Optics-friendly


SecureIt’s CradleGrid system was designed to provide storage space for weapons with optics attached.

Not that long ago, optics were not a common storage concern, and obsolete weapon storage systems still do not account for the critical importance of protecting on-weapon optics. SecureIt weapon storage not only accounts for optics, it is designed to protect them from bumping and damage, something that should absolutely never happen.

7. Gear-friendly


SecureIt Weapon Storage Systems also accommodate the additional gear and accessories that must be organized and stored.

Thanks to the incredible flexibility and adjustability of SecureIt’s CradleGrid system, you can design-in any amount of gear storage desired. And, not only that, you can readily and easily reconfigure your SecureIt storage to adapt to changing gear needs. No other weapon storage system offers this level of simple adaptability.

8. Easy to design


With SecureIt, you can build out an entire armory with just one or two NSNs. Choose from any of our five military weapon storage racks, available with either bi-fold or retracting doors.

Another key to the simplicity offered by SecureIt weapon storage is the reasonable number of NSNs from which to choose. Because each is so versatile, most customers can build out their entire armory with just one or two NSNs.

9. Available for consult


At SecureIt, we are always available to help you design the perfect weapon storage system for your armory and situation. We are just a phone call away.

Having developed and installed weapon storage solutions for all branches of the military, in all theaters of operation, we’ve probably already seen it all. We are here to help you create a weapon storage system optimized for your situation.