Weapons Rack Upgrade

You can upgrade old Space Saver, Sekure and Combat weapon racks

Before you replace your old weapon racks, consider upgrading them. All of these weapon storage systems (Space Saver, Combat, Sekure) were based on a 1999 design using different brackets for each weapon. This type of complexity is not compatible with a modern armory. For a fraction of the cost of a new armory, you can upgrade your legacy weapon racks to SecureIt’s revolutionary Cradle-Grid™ system.

A heavy-duty locking weapon cart to transport 12 rifles quickly adapts to larger, crew-served weapons such as MK19s and M2 receivers. The adaptability of the CradleGrid™ system lets the armorer quickly reconfigure the weapon cart to accommodate virtually any weapon platform – or even reconfigure to organize and haul personal field gear.

The CradleGrid™ system provides proper storage for all military weapons. Designed under contract with U.S. Army Special Forces, the system stores all weapons with mounted optics and electronics. Rifles are stored with scopes free and clear so the need to re-zero is dramatically reduced. The upgrade kits allow the armorer to utilize the cabinets already in place in the armory and bring them up to the modern standard.

Let us help you find the optimal weapon storage solution

SecureIt’s revolutionary CradleGrid™ technology offers unmatched adjustability and adaptability for your armory’s weapon storage needs. There are far too many possible configurations to show and price them all on our website. So, please contact SecureIt for assistance in overcoming your armory challenges. We’ll help you find the optimal solution to your weapon storage needs.


One cabinet.
Unlimited configurations.

This one cabinet can store every weapon in your armory without any additional components or equipment!


For instant adjustability without tools


Built tough with commercial-grade 14-gauge steel; all-welded (no rivets)


Vented doors that fold when opened to save space

Also: Retractable Door Design – Vented doors that fully retract alongside the cabinet


Reinforced 1/2 inch steel lip and nine-point locking (uses combination padlock – no lost keys)

  • Upgrade kit

    Sekure Weapon Rack Upgrade

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  • Upgrade kit

    Universal Weapon Rack Upgrade

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Also available from SecureIt

Need assistance? Call: 800.651.8835 A five-minute phone call is all it takes to have a plan put together for your arms room upgrade, addition or new construction. The flexibility and simplicity of the weapon storage platform means one or two NSNs is all it takes to complete most arms rooms. This makes inventory and future logistics very easy.

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