Our Passion for Properly Stored Firearms Runs Deep.

In 2001, the Department of Defense called on CEO Tom Kubiniec to transform their cluttered weapon racks into organized, efficient weapon storage systems. Tom accepted the challenge, developing proprietary firearm storage technology alongside U.S. Special Army Forces Command that would go on to modernize military armories.

Today, SecureIt is the global leader in military weapon storage and armory design—relied upon by all branches to maximize armory efficiency and guarantee weapon performance in the field. Firearms WHERE and WHEN You NEED Them!

Disrupting an Industry Stuck in the Past.

The impact SecureIt’s firearm storage technology had on the military uncovered a massive concern in the consumer market: traditional gun safe companies are out of touch with modern firearms and the principles of gun storage, security, and home defense.

Firearms continue to evolve with technology, but rather than focus on the needs of gun owners, traditional gun safe companies remain stagnant. Tapping into Tom’s military expertise, SecureIt launched a line of lightweight, modular gun safes that can be customized for every type and size collection. Unlike its competitors, SecureIt offers straight-line, fast access to firearms, ammo, and gear—unlike anything else on the market today.

Think Differently.

It’s the mantra our company has followed since day one, and it’s a requirement for every employee who’s joined us since. It’s also the reason why SecureIt is so successful today.
Innovation remains at the forefront of every product we offer, every service we provide, and every business decision we make.

SecureIt Leadership Team

Tom’s vision is backed by a leadership team that encourages challenging the status quo, creating an environment where we’ll never be satisfied until every gunowner in America is storing their guns with SecureIt.

Brad Charles

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Slavik

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Hunter

Business Development Manager

Beth Hogan

Customer Relations Manager

Tom Kubiniec is the President and Chief Executive Officer at SecureIt, overseeing company operations and the successful expansion of the military, law enforcement, and ecommerce business units.  

For more than twenty years, Tom has been designing and manufacturing military armories and is considered the leading authority on small arms storage and armory design.  

In conjunction with the U.S. Army Special Forces, Tom patented CradleGrid™ technology, an intelligent, customizable firearm storage system. This innovative technology laid the foundation for SecureIt to become the largest weapon storage supplier to the U.S. military and the global leader with contracts all over the world. 

And today, Tom is changing the way America thinks about gun storage, safety, and home defense, with a full line of customizable, lightweight, modular gun storage solutions and accessories for the consumer market. He believes every gun should be properly stored and will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and education to disrupt the gun storage industry for years to come. 

In 2016, Tom received the Patriots Award for his work advocating for safe gun storage. The company has also been ranked on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list two years, due to Tom’s entrepreneurial mindset and strong leadership skills guiding his team.