Tom Kubiniec

CEO, SecureIt Tactical Inc.

Tom Kubiniec is the visionary leader behind SecureIt Tactical Inc, listed in the Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. He is the leading authority on military weapon storage and armory design. SecureIt is the largest supplier of weapons storage systems to the Defense industry and is now the fastest-growing residential gun safe company. Mr. Kubiniec has designed custom armories for U.S. Army Special Forces, Navy Seals, and Marine MARSOC units. It was while working with Army Special Forces that Mr. Kubiniec developed SecureIt’s patented CradleGrid™ Technology, the revolutionary system that completely changed the way the U.S. military stores weapons. SecureIt is bringing this technology to the consumer market. 

“Firearm storage has not fundamentally changed in decades. It is static and certainly has not kept up with the sweeping changes in the size and shape of modern firearms,”  says Mr. Kubiniec. “We want to change all that. Our CradleGrid™ Technology gives people flexible, secure, fast-access storage and puts them is a better position to defend themselves in a crisis.”

SecureIt was grown out of Mr. Kubiniec’s previous data and electronics secure storage business when a law enforcement official asked him to securely store an automatic weapon. Before his career as a storage expert and entrepreneur, Mr. Kubiniec was a popular professional guitar player in Los Angeles for more than a decade. He currently resides in central New York with his family where he is an active hunter, sport-shooter, outdoorsman and dynamic speaker on firearms safety, security and home defense.


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