Product Warranty & Return Policy

SecureIt stands behind all its products with our Buy-It-Back Guarantee. 
If you buy a SecureIt product with CradleGrid™ Technology and it does not perform as promised, we will refund the price of the product within 90 days of purchase.  Simple, strong, straightforward, just like our products.
*Please note: If products were purchased through a third-party website, please contact the vendor directly. If replacement parts are required, the vendor will reach out to SecureIt on your behalf.
Under this policy, SecureIt will only provide a refund for the purchase price. The customer is responsible for all shipping and transportation charges, which will be deducted from the total refund amount once the items are shipped back to SecureIt. Items or parts that are included with a product or in a bundle/kit are eligible for returns but at a reduced rate. SecureIt will provide 50% of the current retail price listed on the website, which includes stock bases, cradles, etc.  The bundle/kit policy does not apply to Mil-spec cabinets. Mil-spec bundles must be returned in full. The accessories cannot be returned separately from the cabinet.
To begin the return process, please have the following information available so our team can verify proof of purchase:
  • Customer Name
  • Order number 
  • Phone number or email address used to place the order
  • Shipping information for delivery
The original packaging is preferred when returning SecureIt products. If you do not have the original packaging, contact us and our team will advise you on how to package the items for shipping.
Our Return Process:
  • Fill out our contact form
  • Shipping information for delivery
  • Our Customer Service team will issue a return shipping label. All items must be shipped within fifteen (15) days of receiving the label.
  • For larger items that require freight shipping, SecureIt will coordinate a pickup time with a designated carrier and the customer.
  • Once SecureIt receives the items, a refund will be issued minus the cost of shipping/transportation and the customer will be notified.
  • If the customer chooses to ship the items through another carrier and the package is lost or damaged, SecureIt will not issue a refund. The customer must agree to these terms prior to shipping, and would be responsible for filing their own claim with the carrier should an issue occur.

The SecureIt LImited Warranty, Satisfaction guarantee

SecureIt® gun safes & cabinets shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for life.
This warranty applies only to new products purchased from SecureIt® or its authorized distributors and dealers. Electronic locks carry a two (2) year warranty from the date of purchase. One must provide proof of purchase in order to obtain service under this warranty.
The responsibility of SecureIt® under this warranty is limited to replacement or repairs of defective parts.  The original purchaser is responsible for paying all shipping and transportation costs.
This warranty does not apply to damage or loss resulting from accident, misuse, improper installation, scratching of paint, normal wear and tear, or negligence.