The Facts about Ammo Storage

This week Ryan and Tom sit down to talk about storage systems for ammunition and the issue of misinformation within the industry. They also answer customer questions regarding recommendations for mounting the Agile series cabinets together and storing PMAGs in the magazine holder, and upcoming news and events at SecureIt.

Product of the Week: The 1824 Ammo Cabinet

In a sealed environment like a traditional gun safe, a large volume of ammunition can create a violent and dangerous explosion. The 1824 Ammo Cabinet features a diamond punch pattern on the front and sides so, in the event of a fire, ammo can safely cook-off. This compact military style cabinet can hold 400+ lbs. on each storage shelf so you can keep an ample amount of ammo organized and accessible. The cabinet can also provide storage for firearms and gear.

The Model 1824 adapts to any environment and can be reconfigured in minutes. Storage bins can be quickly repositioned on the louvered back panel or placed on a shelf for additional organization. The cabinet is compatible with all of our CradleGrid accessories to give you unlimited storage flexibility.

Visit the Model 1824 Ammo Cabinet product page to learn more and shop today!