Finding the Best in Handgun Storage

This Week at SecureIt: Ryan and Tom dive into the topic of handgun storage and handgun storage related accessories. They’ll go over all the storage products for pistols and revolvers offered by SecureIt and why a Fast Box could be the efficient storage system you need. Be sure to check out the video below to see the products in action!

Product Showcase of the Week: Handgun Storage Options

Pistol Pegs

Adding a Single Pistol Peg to your gun safe or gun wall is a convenient way to incorporate handguns into your rifle storage or create your own decked out handgun storage system. They hang from a single louver and can adjust on the fly. Each peg also comes with a rubber protective coating to protect the barrel of your revolver or pistol. Each pistol peg will store a handgun with a caliber of 9mm or larger and they come in three orientations:

Gun Wall - Pistol and Revolver Storage Options

Looking for something that holds a larger capacity? Our Eleven-Peg Rack holds a higher density of handguns and is a great fit for any retrofitted gun safe, Agile series cabinet, Model 84, or custom gun wall.

Gun Wall - High Density Handgun Storage

Storage Bins for Handguns

Our Medium Storage Bins allow gun owners to store smaller caliber handguns along with magazines, ammunition and associated gear. The Medium Bins have a storage capacity of 15lbs and come with a polymer divider. Dividers allow you to store multiple pistols in one bin while not having to worry about your guns becoming damaged from bumping into one another. These bins work great if you are storing pistols or revolvers in a Fast Box.

Gun Wall - Handgun Bin Storage

For larger handguns and additional support, the Large Storage Bins will provide storage for any size handgun, ammunition, and gear. With a storage capacity of 30lbs, it will be difficult to overload these bins. They also work great when disassembling your handguns and keeping all the associated parts organized in one safe place. The Large Bins are a great fit for any Agile series cabinets, Model 84, or custom gun wall.

Gun Wall - Handgun Bin Storage

The Fast Box Hidden Storage System

With a Fast Box hidden gun safe, handgun owners can store a number of pistols or revolvers along with associated ammunition and gear. The neoprene pad (standard with all Fast Boxes) adds a level of protection to the firearms and valuables you choose to store. When storing a Fast Box in a horizontal application, gun owners can store multiple handguns with an assortment of gear.

Hidden Handgun Storage

Learn more about using the Fast Box storage system in this blog post about handgun storage options as your primary handgun safe.