SecureIt Tactical President / CEO Tom Kubiniec was interviewed by OAN News regarding increased gun sales in 2020 and the impact of the coronavirus and recent rioting. Kubiniec also addresses the tactical advantages of decentralized gun storage for home defense and how to implement more strategic gun storage throughout your home.

Fox News interview

FOX News Q&A with Tom – 2nd Amendment

By Tom KubiniecPresident / CEO SecureIt Tactical, Inc. COVID-19, civil unrest and a push to defund police could forever change the 2nd amendment debate. Hollie McKay at Fox News is covering the subject and reached out to me. Here is a excerpt from our Q&A session. Q: Given the circumstances of 2020,

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John Depetro Show interview

Home Defense, Covid and 2A
Radio interview

SecureIt Tactical President / CEO Tom Kubiniec is a frequent guest on the John DePetro Show. He recently joined the show to discuss home defense, COVID, riots and recent efforts by some groups to defund police.

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