Hidden Gun Safe: Fast Box vertical kit

Hidden gun safe

Convert Fast Box with Vertical Kit

Quickly and easily convert your horizontal Fast Box Model 47 or Model 40 to store two firearms vertically for fast access. Our Vertical Kit contains two patented upper cradles with bungees and one lower stock base. This application allows you to properly store two firearms in a vertical position.

The Kit:

fast box vertical kit

Added to a Fast Box

FAST BOX- Vertical Kit

CradleGrid Technology

To retrofit a Fast Box you simply place the stock base in the bottom of the box and hang the patented upper cradles on the back grids.

The system quickly converts the Fast Box to store virtually any rifle for fast access. It gives you straight line access to either

gun meaning you can remove either gun quickly without having to move the other one.

The holes on the bottom and sides of the box at all four corners allow you to bolt Fast Boxes together.  You can stack them or set them up like lockers. If you’ve got young shooters they can have access to their 22 without having to grant access to larger caliber weapons.
Locked Gun storage-Youth

The most flexible gun safe on the market

Fast access hidden guyn safe
With rifle, handgun and gear storage options you can do almost anything with a Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe

Use the Pad on your bench!
When using the vertical kit, the pad is removed from the Fast Box. It very versatile, so don’t throw it away. This pad can be used on your bench for cleaning guns or for gun maintenance.

Gun cleaning
If you take safety and security seriously, and you’ve got guns around the house, get a Fast Box.  It’s a smart choice.







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