Using Rifle Rods for High-Density Storage in the TRUE Safe

This week at SecureIt, Ryan and Tom discuss the process of fire and heat testing for gun safes and reveal the results of the testing done on the TRUE safe. You’ll also get a look at the latest addition to the SecureIt line of accessories and how it can efficiently increase the storage capacity of the TRUE should you need to do so.

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Product of the Week: TRUE Safe High-Capacity Kits

At SecureIt, we recognize that the True Safe is a significant investment in security and fire protection. We also know that there are times when you need to store more firearms. That’s why we offer the high capacity storage kits. They are a simple and incredibly effective means to maximize the space inside your True Safe.

High Capacity Gun safe rifles

The SecureIt High-Capacity Kits for the True Safe provides higher storage capacity within the same footprint. The system uses polymer rods that go into rifle barrels and attached to the base of the shelf. Rods are equipped with hook fabric and can be attached to the fabric underneath the TRUE safe storage shelf. These rods fit a firearm caliber of .22 and larger and work great with the AR platform, shotguns, and firearms with scopes attached.

High Capacity Gun safe

The rod system allows you to configure the gun safe interior to meet your needs. There are no limits to the way in which you can store a wide variety of long guns. The total capacity of the True gun safe is a dependent upon the type of rifles being stored. With simple bolt and lever action rifles, you can fit up to 35. With AR platform rifles and or large scopes and optics the quantity will drop. If you have many AR platform rifles with larger optics, max capacity will be in the 12 – 18 range.

These Kits come in packs of 10 or 20 and are specific to the TRUE safe. Head to our shop page to order your TRUE Safe High-Capacity Kit today!

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