Modular Gun Storage Bins

When it comes to efficiency in a modern armory or home gun storage system, organization is the key element! SecureIt® CradleGrid™ Technology modular storage bins provide simple and effective storage solutions that add a superior level of organization.

Bins, Gear, & Gun Storage

No mess storage for cleaning supplies or reloading equipment

Firearm cleaning supplies in storage bins

Cleaning materials should be stored in bins. Were your cleaner to leak in these bins, the mess would remain in the bin rather than spilling over firearms, equipment, or supplies beneath it.

Brushes and products for cleaning and maintaining odd, or large caliber firearms can be stored in a bin set in the grid next to, or behind, the gun. When you need to perform maintenance or clean your firearms, you can easily take the gun and the bin, loaded with all the supplies, tools, and materials specifically used for that firearm, over to your workbench bench. After the tasks at hand have been completed, return everything to the cabinet or gun safe.

Ammo Storage

Rifle Mags in Storage Bins

Specialized or precision ammunition can be stored with its associated firearm in the same manner. This will allow for efficient inventorying along with quick access.

Maximize space behind guns

SecureIt bins behind firearms

SecureIt’s small bins will fit behind barrels or stocks of most firearms. This maximizes every cubic inch of space inside a tactical gun safe or firearms cabinet.

Store specialized ammo or parts behind a gun

SecureIt Modular Storage Bins on CradleGrid in safe

Shells and magazines can be stored behind their associated shotguns and rifles along with other accessories and gear.

Maximize gun storage space

SecureIt Modular Storage Bins shown in four applications on a GradleGrid panel

The SecureIt CradleGrid™ system, using the three sizes of bins offered, maximizes every cubic inch of space and maintains high efficiency and organization.

High-density handgun, ammo, and gear storage

Storage bins in armory

In the armory application above, an assortment of bins was installed in Model 84 gun cabinets to store a variety of gear, firearms, and ammunition. 

SecureIt modular bins offer a level of storage and organization that is unmatched.

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