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Answer™ Lightweight: Model 8 Plus


Answer™ Lightweight: Model 8 Plus



Need help finding your perfect safe?

The SecureIt Answer™ 8 with Plus accessories package is a lightweight, heavy-duty decentralized gun safe system.  

Weighing hundreds of pounds less than a traditional gun safe, The Answer™ 8 Plus allows for flexible repositioning should you ever need to move it, without compromising the safety and security you require to store your guns.  

Designed with the same professional-grade craftsmanship used for the U.S. military, the Answer8 Plus features CradleGrid™ Technology for organized and completely customizable storage options. 

This lightweight safe comes fully welded and provides an extra level of security when bolted to the floor. 

The Answer™ Model 8 Plus features a variety of 9 more accessories not included with the base Answer 8 model. 

Firearm Capacity/Configurations:  

  • 8 long guns (shorter than 55″ long with stock base or 58″ without stock base)  
  • Customizable to store multiple configurations of both long & handguns. 
  • Plus accessory package offers you flexibility to store ammunition and gear 


Please allow a delivery lead time of 2 to 3 weeks for the Answer™ Model 8 and review the delivery information prior to placing your order. Click Here for Delivery Information. 


Base Answer™ Model 8:

  • 1 Answer Model 8 fully welded steel cabinet
  • Cradles with Bungees
  • Stock Bases
  • 1 Answer 8 Door Organizer
  • 1 Answer 8 Storage Shelf (Spans Entire Width of the Cabinet)
  • 1 Power Cord and Internal Power Box with Outlets and USB Plugs

Answer™ 8 Plus Accessories Package:

*Battery NOT included

External (H x W x D):
59” x 24” x 18”

Internal (H x W x D):
58 1/2” x 23 1/2” x 14”

Answer Model 8 Weight:
299 lbs.

Can the Answer safes be placed on a wooden floor without reinforcement?
Yes, the safe can be placed on wood floors anywhere in your home.

Is this safe fire rated?
No, please read our articles on gun safes and fire ratings and gun corrosion. No class RSC gun safe (most gun safes under $10,000) sold in America is fireproof regardless of what the stickers on the door say.  see: our article Gun Safe Corrosion and Fire Ratings below

Other than size, what is the difference between the Agile 52 and the Answer safes?
The Agile is lighter, it is 16GA steel,  ships flat (It can ship UPS) and you assemble it. The Answer is an all-welded 12GA steel safe. The Answer 12 is 400lbs, the Answer 8 299lbs  vs the Agile at 100lbs. Answer Gun  Safes ship via truck. While they are heavier and bigger, you can still move them with 2 people and a standard appliance dolly.

Is the Answer safe as strong as a normal gun safe like Liberty or Stack-on?
Yes, The Answer is as strong or stronger than most traditional gun safes. What we have done, is build a quality safe and eliminated the drywall, carpeting, and horrible interiors. Unlike other safes, there are no corrosive materials in any SecureIt safe or cabinet. For more information on gun safes and corrosion, see the article at the bottom of this page.

Can the door be removed?
This is a fully-welded gun safe and the door should not be removed. Removal of the door will void the warranty for this product.

California Residents – See Prop 65 WARNING

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