Pistol Peg Rack

SKU: SEC-52-628

The Display Mount Pistol Peg stores a 9mm or larger handgun and attaches to one louver on any of our CradleGrid™ systems. The Pistol Peg Rack adjusts on the fly for fast access to your collection of handguns. It allows for high-density storage of 11 handguns, spanning 6 louvers wide. The rack provides straight-line access, in two rows, offset from each other to prevent damage from friction of other guns. The steel material and powder-coated black finish enforces its durability. Also, see our Single Pistol Pegs for a more simple or the Display Mount Pistol Peg Right/Left for a different approach.



External Dims (H x W x D):
6 1/4″ x 17 1/4″ x 5.5″(from top of peg)
Peg measures 3″

3 lbs. 7 oz.

  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Pistol pegs are coated to protect barrels
  • Stores 9mm or larger caliber