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TRUE™ Gun Safe

SKU: TSH-65-08

TRUE™ Gun Safe

SKU: TSH-65-08


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SecureIt True Safe:  True fire test results:  2 Hours 20 Minutes

Actual Test data:

TRUE Safe Heat Data

This is a graph of the results from the gun safe temperature probes. It shows time across the bottom and temperature on the left. The orange line shows the oven temperature and the other lines show the readings for the temp probes inside the TRUE Safe.

The TRUE Safe went 2 hours 20 minutes until it reached 350 degrees.

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True Safe features SecureIt’s revolutionary CradleGrid™ Technology

The Gulf Wars brought about a rapid advancement in weapon technology which left military armories with obsolete storage designs which failed inspection. This caused Army Special Forces Command (USASFC) to solicit an arms room assessment program. SecureIt won the contract and, subsequently, worked with Special Forces on solutions. The result was CradleGrid Technology, a simple and adaptable weapon storage platform that has just a single moving part. Introduced in 2008, CradleGrid has completely changed the way the military thinks about weapon storage. Today, CradleGrid is available to everyone and it’s featured in all True safes.

CradleGrid consists of a grid panel, repositionable cradles and corresponding bases. The back wall of a TRUE safe is fitted with the grid and the safe comes with eight cradles and four dual bases to accommodate eight firearms of virtually any configuration, including optics. It is also maximum-capacity- kit compatible.


The True Gun Safe is made with cement composite-filled, double steel walls to truly protect against thieves and fire. We’ve brought back the proven steel-concrete-steel design for those looking for the more traditional, heavier gun safe that thieves can’t open or move. 

Weighing 1200 pounds, the SecureIt True Gun Safe does not fall into our lightweight, modular gun storage product line. If you are looking for a smaller, more discreet gun safe that can be stored throughout your home, consider one of our Agile™, Answer™, or Fast Box™ models.