SecureIt Awarded $8 Million Marine Corps Contract

The Marine Corps has selected SecureIt Tactical, Inc. to rebuild Marine Corps armories on Okinawa and throughout the Pacific theater. The $8 million award was made to SecureIt based on providing the best overall solution to address the needs of Marine expeditionary forces in the Pacific theater. SecureIt provided a unique systematic solution, to address armory storage, transportation, inventory control and rapid deployment. The simple design and emphasis on core function will increase unit efficiency, response times and minimize the risks of damage to weapons and sensitive items.

Tom Kubiniec – SecureIt President and CEO: “We are very pleased that SecureIt has been selected. Our military team has invested a lot of time and effort to create a new and revolutionary idea for small arms storage and transport. The Marine Corps recognized the unique solution as being superior to traditional storage systems and other proposed solutions.”

weapon rack at military armory
weapon and gear storage at military armory

SecureIt’s new expeditionary-force storage solution provides a complete system to store, organize and transport all weapon and gear. This new weapon storage system features: “SURE-GRIP” weapon storage cabinets, upgrade kits to convert older storage systems to the modern standard, Roto-molded transport cases, high density work bench storage and global inventory control.

weapon storage at military armory
gear storage at military armory

“It’s not often we can create a solution that has this big of an impact. The new system will not only save time and money, it will allow the Marine Corps to operate at a higher level of efficiency,” said Crag Skerkis, SecureIt’s Military Sales Director. “I’m glad we had the opportunity to present our solution and I’m proud of the Military Product Development Team.”


handgun storage at military armory
M2 storage

SecureIt Tactical is a primary supplier of weapon storage systems and armory design to the US military.


Military customers please visit: SecureIt Defense