Syracuse, NY (June 30, 2022) – SecureIt Tactical Inc., the global leader in military weapons storage and armory design, and the only company to build a lightweight, customizable gun storage system for the consumer market, is excited to announce the launch of its first television show this summer.  

Agents of Change will air on the Sportsman Channel and highlight the most innovative people, products, and companies in the firearm and outdoor industries.  

Hosted by SecureIt President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Kubiniec, Agents of Change will take viewers across the country to learn about the latest innovations in shooting and outdoor sports. 

The show stems from Kubiniec’s entrepreneurial mindset, as innovation has been the driving force throughout his career. He launched his first company in 1988 but pivoted his product line in 2001 to support the U.S. military as a Department of Defense contractor after identifying a need in the market. Kubiniec became the leading authority in firearm storage and armory design and today, his company is the largest weapons storage supplier with military contracts all over the world. After receiving a patent for his intelligent firearm storage technology, Kubiniec expanded into the consumer market, speaking directly to the pain points gun owners face. 

“Over the course of my career, I’ve experienced first-hand the positive impact innovation can have on people, companies, and industries overall,” said Kubiniec. “The firearm and outdoor industries are deeply rooted in tradition and very resistant to change, but there are so many innovators out there who are thinking differently and doing exciting work. Change is happening, and I’m looking forward to bringing to light the people, products, and companies that will take us into the future.” 

In addition to featuring two different companies, each episode will include an informative tactical tip from Gary Melton, former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret, Weapons Sergeant, Special Operations Instructor, and Sniper Team Leader with four combat tours. Melton is also the owner and Lead Instructor for Paramount Tactical Solutions. 

Agents of Change premiers on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel, with new episodes airing weekly. To learn more, visit 

About SecureIt Tactical Inc. 

SecureIt Tactical Inc. is disrupting the firearm storage industry, challenging the way America thinks about gun storage, safety, and home defense. Founded in 2001 as a Department of Defense contractor, SecureIt is now the global leader in military weapons storage and armory design, and the only company to build a gun storage system that meets the rigorous standards of the U.S. military for the consumer firearm market. While traditional gun storage companies have lost touch with the core fundamental principle to secure firearms, SecureIt has spent more than two decades perfecting a line of innovative, customizable firearm storage systems and accessories. The company has also developed, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Special Forces, patented CradleGrid™ technology that gives gun owners the flexibility and freedom to design the system that works best for them.  

SecureIt is headquartered in Syracuse, NY with a growing employee base and distribution centers across the country. To learn more about SecureIt’s consumer and military weapon storage systems, visit

About Sportsman Channel 

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