Syracuse, NY – SecureIt Tactical Inc., the global leader in military weapons storage and armory design, and the only company to build a gun storage system that meets the rigorous standards of the U.S. military for the consumer firearm market, has announced a new partnership with firearms and self-defense training facility A+R Tactics

“There is great synergy between the work we’re doing at SecureIt, and what A+R Tactics is doing in their community with civilians, military, and law enforcement,” said Chris Panebianco, Chief Marketing Officer at SecureIt. “We are extremely excited to partner with such a reputable training facility and look forward to collaborating with them to educate their members on the importance of properly storing firearms, share their services with our customer base, and create a lasting impact and partnership.” 

This partnership includes: 

“We believe firearms ownership for defense of self, loved ones, and community, as well as sport, is a fundamental right. We firmly believe that it is also a tremendous responsibility,” said Nicole Thurman, Co-Owner at A+R Tactics. “Firearms owners must commit to consistent, ongoing training, and pivotally, to proper storage and care of firearms as well. We look forward to partnering with SecureIt as their mission and commitment to quality, safety, and utility goes hand in hand with the training and education we continuously work to provide.”  

This partnership officially launched in September of 2022, providing members with immediate access to the benefits outlined in this program. 

To learn more about SecureIt’s high quality, secure gun storage solutions visit and for more information about A+R Tactics’ firearms and self-defense training in North Carolina visit  

About SecureIt Tactical Inc. 

SecureIt Tactical Inc. is disrupting the firearm storage industry, challenging the way America thinks about gun storage, safety, and home defense. Founded in 2001 as a Department of Defense contractor, SecureIt is now the global leader in military weapons storage and armory design, and the only company to build a gun storage system that meets the rigorous standards of the U.S. military for the consumer firearm market.  

While traditional gun storage companies have lost touch with the core fundamental principle to secure firearms, SecureIt has spent more than two decades perfecting a line of innovative, customizable firearm storage systems and accessories. The company has also developed, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Special Forces, patented CradleGrid™ technology that gives gunowners the flexibility and freedom to design the system that works best for them.  

SecureIt is headquartered in Syracuse, NY with a growing employee base and distribution centers across the country. To learn more about SecureIt’s consumer and military weapon storage systems, visit

About A+R Tactics 

A+R Tactics is a veteran and retired law enforcement owned company located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Founder, and co-owner, Altonio Rivers, first conceptualized such a company and facility while serving as a SWAT Officer with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.  He saw the value that reality-based training with marking rounds provided for officers in improving decision making under duress and growing skill sets.  He felt civilians absolutely deserved access to this same type of training and worked tirelessly to bring that to fruition.  At A+R Tactics we seek to train individuals, beginner to advanced, and grow their safety through solid fundamentals, awareness, and mindset.  

Our mission at A+R Tactics is to bring all of our professional experience to bear in providing our community members the right courses, the right facility, and especially the right opportunity to train, in a reality-based environment, so that they can develop critical lifesaving skills to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.  Visit us at