Give yourself every advantage with Decentralized Gun Storage

The strategic placement of secure gun storage throughout your home
allowing for fast access & hidden from unwanted users.


Gun owners should be able to achieve organization, security, and fast access with their gun storage. A gun safe shouldn’t limit any of those capabilities. That’s why Decentralized Gun Safe Systems like the Fast Box™Agile™, and Answer™ are the perfect solutions for your gun storage needs.

Common complaints we hear from gun owners regarding traditional style gun safes are:

  • They’re too heavy and difficult to move
  • The internal organization and capacity are a mess
  • They can’t be easily hidden
  • The weight, size, and construction don’t add additional security
  • They’re inaccessible in the event of an emergency situation

The Benefits of Decentralized Gun Storage

  • Modular
  • Hidden
  • Fast Access
  • Secure
  • Dispersed
  • Tactical

 With Decentralized Gun Safe Systems, you can make the shift to an ultralight or lightweight gun safe system that will move with you, is completely modular allowing you to organize on the fly, can be hidden throughout the home making a tactical firearm quickly accessible when you need it, and is secure giving you peace of mind that your firearms are safe and locked up.

Where Do Thieves Go When They Break-In?

FBI crime data suggests that a thief would be in and out of a home within 10 minutes. During that time, the rooms most likely to be hit are:

  • Master Bedroom/Bathroom
  • Home Office/Den
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room

If they believe a safe is in the house and it’s not located in the master bedroom, home office/den, then they will likely search through the living room then basement (if applicable).

Where are the Best Places to Store a Firearm for
Security & Maintaining a Tactical Advantage?

FBI crime data suggest that a thief would be in and out of a home within 10 minutes. During that time, the rooms most likely to be hit are:

  • Master Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Front Door/Front Hallway Closet
  • Office Den

Master Bedroom:

While the master bedroom is the worst room to store valuables, it’s also a room where you spend a great deal of time sleeping. Store one or two firearms in a SecureIt Fast Box™ under your bed. This way you have protection in the event of an intrusion in the middle of the night.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen pantry is a great location for a vertical Fast Box™. Thieves are not typically interested in the kitchen. But this is a room people spend a lot of time in during the day but one that rarely has an exit. In the event of a home invasion, if you are in the kitchen, you want quick access to a firearm. This allows you to arm yourself and escape. Your goal is to avoid confrontation.

Front Door Closet

A closet near the front door is also a good location for a Fast Box™ or even an Agile™ cabinet. Thieves ignore closets like this. Yet, if someone tries to force themselves through the front door, you want fast access to a firearm.

Home Office/Den

Small fast access handgun safe in a desk drawer or Fast Box™ gun safe in a cabinet or closet.

Guest Bedroom

If your home has a guest room with a closet, that’s a good location for additional gun storage. Thieves ignore guest rooms. They look in, see a made bed, a bedside table with nothing on it and nothing else in the room, they will move on.

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