Gun Cabinet: Upgrade Your Stack-On

SecureIt in Stack On gun cabinet upgraded to tactical gun storage

There are somewhere around 13 million Stack On® gun boxes in America.

That’s 13 million gun cabinets that do not properly store modern rifles and shotguns. The challenge with traditional firearms storage solutions is that they do not take into account the size and form factor of modern sporting rifles or traditional rifles with scopes.

SecureIt® CradleGrid technology conversion kits solve the problem.

Here we have a typical Stack On® gun cabinet. In this example the cabinet has an advertised capacity of 14 rifles. As you can see there is no way you will come close to fitting 14 modern sporting rifles in this cabinet.

The stock plastic barrel holder does not provide the proper standoff for AR platform firearms or traditional rifles with scopes. The guns end up leaning against each other. The risk of damage and wear and tear is greatly increased.

Upgrading the Stack On cabinet

Below, we are using the SecureIt® Rapid 6 conversion kit.

Rapid 6 Conversion Kit

SecureIt Patented gun safe conversion kits, featuring CradleGrid™ technology, allow you to upgrade your gun storage cabinet or safe to properly store tactical and modern sporting rifles, as well as traditional rifles and shotguns. Each kit features an assortment of adjustable firearm storage components and are designed to address a wide variety of applications at affordable price points.

SecureIt Rapid 6 retrofit kit installed in-cabinet

Louvered grid panels are installed on the back of the Stack On cabinet
In this installation we used peel and stick Velcro®. It works really well and is fast and easy to install. The Velcro strips are put in place horizontally, since this install will just hold the rifle cradles and will support little additional weight. Since there is not much vertical load on the grids in this configuration, there is not much need for a lot of Velcro. If you are going to use a lot of bins to store accessories and gear, run three strips of Velcro vertically, the length of each grid. This will provide maximum shear strength and allow you store in excess of 50 lbs of rifles, accessories and gear on the grids, using the movable components of the CradleGrid system.

Proper storage for modern firearms.

Here we see how to properly store modern and traditional firearms together in one cabinet. The SecureIt Tactical CradleGrid system provides proper standoff from the back of the cabinet. It provides proper spacing for storing all modern sporting rifles (AR15, AR10, AK47, etc.) and rifles with scopes, and is quickly adjustable to accommodate the widely varying lengths of firearms today.

Stack On gun cabinet upgrade, using a SecureIt Rapid 6 retrofit kit which leverages CradleGrid technology.

Here we are properly storing:

Remington 700 308 bull barrel
AR10 SuperSASS with Leupold Mk IV Scope
Colt Comp AR15
FN SCAR with Acog
S&W AR15 with Eotech
RPD machine gun

Remember, “Respect for firearms does not end when you close the door “

Gun Safes: They may not be what you think they are.

Gun safe mess

A Brief History

Safes in one form or another have been around since the days of Julius Cesar. While sometimes disputed, Jesse Delano is credited with the first fireproof safe design patented in 1826. The modern gun safe has its roots in the 1850s designs of Silas Herring. He used plaster and steel to create a fire rated gun storage safe. What’s interesting and disappointing is that gun safes of today are not built to standards anywhere near Herring’s 1850 design. Price and profit pressures have caused the whole industry to move away from true fire rated safes. The majority of what are commonly called and sold as “Gun Safes” are actually UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) listed as “RSC” or “Residential Security Containers” and not actual safes. This includes the “safes” available at all the big chain with popular brand names including “Liberty,” “Winchester”, “Browning,” etc. Yes, you may have guessed it. The industry did not want to build to the UL Safe classification standard so they created a new standard, RSC – “Residential Security Container”.

Lear more:  Gun Safe: Understanding Ratings and Certifications


What is a RSC
(Residential Security Container)?

An RSC rated container (gun cabinet) will resist forced opening for up to five minutes by an attacker using simple, non-powered hand tools. We’re talking screwdrivers, hammers (must be less than 3lbs), and pry bars (must be less than 18″ long). RSC containers are not rated against any attack by power tools of any kind, or any attack lasting longer than five minutes.  This is security designed for 1850’s threat level. Today, a high powered battery operated grinder with a cutoff wheel can cut a “gun safe” (Residential Security Container) in half in less than 15 minutes. A small portable plasma cutter will do the job in under 3 minutes. People assume that because it weighs 1000 lbs it must be secure.


Fire Rating

RSC Certified gun safes are not fireproof.  Not at all.

ul class 350 gun safe

The only consistent, reliable and independent fire rating is the UL fireproof safe class rating. The lowest rating is “Class 350 1-hour” The ratings go up to 4 hour (Class 350-4).  Unfortunately, there are no RSC gun safes that meet this rating as the materials and construction required to offer this kind of protection are deemed too expensive by the gun safe industry.  The fire rating or “fire certified” sticker on the door of an RSC means very little as each gun safe (RSC) manufacturer creates their own standards and fire tests. If a safe does not have a UL class 350 fire rating then it is not a fire safe. It is a thin steel box lined with drywall and covered with some carpeting. The Drywall makes the safe real heavy and “feel” secure. It is not. Talk to fire fighters. “Gun safes” (RCSs) rarely ever survive a real fire.
go to:Gun Safe: Understanding Ratings and Certifications for more information


Guns Safes and Corrosion

Consider Corrosion

There are a lot of products on the market designed to slow the process of your guns rusting in a “gun safe”. There is good reason for these products. Drywall or Gypsum board used in RSCs contain several chemicals that are highly corrosive to your guns. Formaldehyde is used as a dispersing agent in drywall production and is highly corrosive to steel.  See:

Safes imported from China use drywall that contains additional threats to your guns. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and other agencies have found high levels of pyrite (FeS2) which gives off carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide — all of which are corrosive to firearms. 100% of the problem drywall coming from China also tested positive for the bacteria Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, which lives in pyrite deposits.  These bacteria consume iron and sulfur producing highly corrosive sulfuric acid. Have you ever noticed a mild sulfur smell when you open a Chinese import safe? There are many concerns about drywall from china please see: Chinese Drywall to learn more.


Other Disadvantages of Gun Safes.

gun safe moveThey are very big, very heavy and once in place cannot be easily moved. They are also big and heavy. Did I tell you they were heavy?  …You get the picture. In our modern, mobile society where people move on average every 6.6 years (US Census Bureau) does it make sense to own a 1200lb metal box full of drywall?

If you live in a condominium or town-home owning a heavy old safe is probably not allowed by your HOA.


The Industries “Little White Lie”.

gun safe capacity

This gun safe, rated for 29 guns can not efficiently store 11 modern rifles Gun safe capacity is a lie.


Gun Safe Capacity

gun safe capacity

When a safe manufacturer offers a gun safe (RSC) and claims a capacity of 30 guns what are they telling you. Keep in mind the RSC will not hold 30 guns, not even close. Either they are not very bright or they think their customers aren’t very bright. The VP of national sales for one of America’s largest safe manufactures told me it was the “industry’s little white lie”. It seems all safe manufactures state their capacity based on how many gun slots they can fit in the safe regardless of how many guns actually fit. In our product testing, using safes from several different manufacturers, we found the actual capacity for traditional guns is about half of what the manufacturers claimes. When you add in modern sporting rifles that capacity drops even further. We purchased a 29 gun Steelwater gun safe and were only able to fit 11 modern rifles and at that point they were packed in and hitting each other. Gun safe capacity is a sham.



Gun Safe Are Too Deep

Manufacturers all focus on making real heavy complex doors and lock systems in an effort to make you think the cabinet is secure. These doors are so heavy that the cabinet has to be deep. Deep enough to offset the weight of the door so when it is opened the cabinet does not tip over. This depth is counterproductive to proper gun storage. You end up with guns packed in and you have to dig through to get to the rifles stored way in the back.
Please note: a thief ignores the door and just cuts through the thin steel on the side or back of the RSC.


Gun Safe Interiors

Gun safe interior design has never changed.
American gun ownership has changed dramatically and the safe industry refuses to address it. The number one rifle sold in America is an AR15 and most shooters now have some sort of scope or optic on every rifle and shotgun. The gun safe industry not only failed to anticipate these market changes they appear to have buried their heads in the sand and refuse to even acknowledge that there has been any type of change. Gun safes simply do not have the ability to properly store modern rifles.

interior-2 safe-interior

This is the typical safe interior. Even with stripped down Henry rifles you will not fit guns in every slot, there simply is not enough room for the stocks. AR platform rifles will not fit well at all and there is not room for optics of any kind.

You can upgrade gun safe interiors to SecureIt CradleGrid Technology: Gun safe upgrade kits

“They’ve buried their heads in the sand

Why does a whole industry fail to address a big market change? It almost appears like all gun safe manufactures are in a big game of chicken. They all produce basically the same product and are all afraid of being the first one to be different. In most industries manufacturers actively look for points of difference.  But not with “gun safes” (RSC containers). It is very unusual and not in the best interest of the consumer. These manufacturers and products are dinosaurs and perhaps, soon be extinct.

We see this as a complete lack of respect for the firearms they store, and their customers who shell out big money expecting secure fireproof storage yet really only have a steel box with some drywall and fancy paint. The only advances in gun safe manufacturing in the last 100 years has been the move to cheaper materials, lower standards and misleading certifications.


So do you need a so called “gun safe” or RSC?

The answer is probably no. 

If you think you will sleep better knowing that your rifles and stored in a big 1200 lb. gorilla in your basement, then it may be the right product. You have to understand however, that the security against both theft and fire is really smoke and mirrors. The whole industry is built around a false perception that because these things weigh 1200lbs, it must be safe and secure.

When you consider that these so called “gun safes” (RSC) are no more secure then a simple steel cabinet and fire ratings (which do not meet even the most basic UL Certification) are simply made up by manufacturers, you have to really question the decision.

  • They are very difficult and expensive to move.
  • They are corrosive to your guns by design.
  • They do not properly store precision rifles.
  • Older homes may not support the weight and you certainly would not put a safe in an upstairs location.


So what do you do?

There are several very inexpensive steel gun cabinets on the market. Products like Stack-On will store guns, however they have very basic locking and the interiors that mimic guns safes so you will struggle with the same inefficient and damaging storage issues.

This year SecureIt introduced the Model 52 Ultralight gun cabinet with CradleGrid Technology. The first in a series of modern modular gun storage cabinets and provides proper storage for 6 rifles, handguns and lot of gear. The Model 52 is manufactured out of the same 14 GA steel as many traditional gun safes (RSC) but doesn’t have the ridiculous weight, or the corrosive interior.

Patented CradleGrid Technology was developed under contract with US Army Special Forces. The modular system provides simple, adjustable, proper storage for rifles, shotguns and handguns and allows you to organize and store firearms along with associated gear.

In our modern, mobile and fast paced society why tether yourself to a 1200lb gorilla? It will be parked somewhere in your life and eventually left behind somewhere. Otherwise It will require a great deal of work, time or money every time it must be moved. It provides no additional security over much lighter and easier to deal with cabinets and the materials used in its construction can be corrosive and detrimental to firearms.

Knowledge and Education is Power

Take the time to learn as much as you can before you spend your money. Here are links to articles that we have found to be informative and accurate.

11 Myths about Gun Safe Theft Protection

9 Myths about Gun Safe Fire Ratings





Gun Safes: Security Myths – The door

gun safe fail

Gun Safe  Security  is only  a Perception


In this video I show you how easy it is to open a gun safe. The gun safe manufactueres all brag about how strong and secure their doors are.
I’m going to ignore all those door features that safe manufactures spend so much time and money on and simply cut ths side off with a cheap angle grinder.
This cheap Tool is Demise of Traditional Gun Safe
Gun Safe fails

For $8.99 I bought the cheapest cut off wheel available to prove the point that it doesn’t take expensive tools to defeat a safe. I cut the side off in about 15 minutes. A professional thief using a higher end cutter could do it less then 5 minutes. With a plasma cutter it would take less then a minute.


UL Certified RSC

Most modern gun safes are certified UL “RSC” or  residential security container”
This certification goes back to the 50’s and simple means that a thief can not gain access in 5 minutes using hammer (under 3 lbs) and prybar (under 18″)
By modern standards as I show in the video, this is a joke.  The modern threat is from high powered battery operated hand tools and low cost plasma cutters.

Breaking into a safe in under 15 minutes
Gun Safe failure
I’m surprised at how fast I got through this steel. I figured we’d go through three or four  cutting wheels but after 7-10  minutes, I’m in!  If I used a 7 inch cut off wheel I could probably do this in under five minutes. The tool does make some noise but it’s not loud enough for your neighbors to notice and what looked like smoke in the video is actually dust from the drywall so it’s not going to set off a smoke detector.
Steel Bends Easily and Drywall Crumbles
pull series
The notion that a traditional safe offers a  higher level of security because it weighs a thousand pounds and has a fancy door is only a perception.
You’re being sold a bill of goods and it’s based on 1950’s maybe even 1930’s mindset, technology and security.
gun safe fail
You can’t move these thousand pound safes once you have them placed in your home and you can’t take them with you if you relocate.  Well you can but it’s going to be expensive and  difficult. That’s why lightweight modular cabinets like SecureIt’s Model 52 Gun Cabinets are becoming so popular.  It assembles in minutes and bolts to the floor to offer the same level of security as a thousand-pound safe.  SecureIt products offer benefits of adjust-ability, adaptability, straight line access and organizational awareness.

Shop SecureIt Gun Storage

Gun cabinets
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Gun safe upgrade kits
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Gun Safes: Industry is out of touch

Modern Gun Safes Edsel

Every year at SHOT Show, the safe manufacturers set up elaborate booths with fancy lighting and comfortable chairs. Sales reps in sharp company logo-wear stand by, eager to share information as to what’s new with their safes and company.

gun-industryBut what is really new? It seems that the only new things each year are paint finish, graphics, and maybe a new lock. The truth is that the real guts of a gun safe have not changed. This has been going on for decades. The safe industry is stuck in a vortex of old world wild-west shows and 1950 gangster movies.

Modern Sporting Rifles

There has been a broad shift in firearm purchasing to newer, modular, tactical-style shotguns and sporting rifles. The AR15 is the number one selling rifle in America.


American Gun ownership has changed and the safe industry refuses to address it

The safe industry has not only ignored this, it appears they have buried their heads in the sand in hopes that it all just goes away so they can get back to their 1950s – 70s plush carpeting and Winchester John Wayne commemorative rifles. When you look at proper storage, modern sporting rifles are radically different from traditional firearms, so not upgrading to accommodate them only harms the firearm owners.

The capacity “Little White Lie”

Why do safe manufacturers all tell the same “little white lie”.

It’s called “capacity”. We see safes advertised in stores and on the web claiming a gun capacity of 25, 40 or 60, when in fact it is all but impossible to fit anywhere near that many guns in the safe. Have you ever seen a sales or marketing photo of a safe with more than a 20% of its stated capacity used? For that matter it is rare to see images of safes with their doors open at all.

Capacity Voodoo

This is a typical gun safe marketing or sales photo. This gun safe is rated to store 54 guns. If you look closely at the image you will see that there are 8 rifles shown in the safe. Now they are not using the center section for guns however try to imagine this safe with 54 rifles. There is simply no way you will fit that many. Now if you throw some AR platform firearms in the mix you will not likely get more than 14 or 15 guns in the safe.

The real nuts and bolts of a gun safe is the interior. It’s where you will be placing and securing your most valued firearms. So why do most manufacturers show only images of their safes with the doors closed?

It is to hide a few simple facts. For the most part, all safe interiors are the same. There is not chance that you will fit the stated amount of guns in the safe. They all have new and improved models yet in reality there has been nothing exciting and new in the safe world for 50 years.

Enter SecureIt® Tactical

This year SecureIt® Tactical, leading supplier of weapon storage systems to the US military introduced the MILSPEC Tactical Gun Safe and the MILSPEC Safe Upgrade Kits. The MILSPEC Tactical Gun Safe clearly addresses the needs of the modern sportsman. The patented Tactical Weapon Storage Platform with CradleGrid Technology, developed under contract with US Army Special Forces, provides proper military style storage for both tactical and traditional rifles, shotguns and pistols. The retrofit kit allows you to easily convert your current safe to modern standards.

Tactical Gun Safe
The MILSPEC Tactical Gun Safe features our patented MILSPEC weapon storage platform using CradleGrid technology and provides proper storage for all AR platform firearms, precision rifles with optics and loads of gear.

Upgrade your gun safe

SecureIt Patented Gun safe retrofit kits allow you to upgrade your gun storage cabinet or safe to properly store tactical and modern sporting rifles and shotguns. Each kit features a grid, cradles, an assortment of firearm storage components and are designed to address a wide variety of applications at affordable price points.

What is proper military storage?

With SecureIt’s retrofit kits, all firearms are stored so they cannot come into contact with each other. There is proper standoff so mounted scopes are free and clear of the walls. Firearms with scopes can be stored with the scopes facing in or out. The preferred method is to store forearms with the scopes in towards the back panel of the safe.

Straight-line access

The ability to remove a firearm from the safe without having to remove other weapons or gear. All other safes require you to remove several firearms to get to the ones in the back. This creates a situation where you are setting rifles on the floor ,or leaning them against the wall to free up your hands to grab the next gun. If you have high end optics, or do not want to loose zero, this can develop into a bad situation.

The SecureIt Tactical Gun safe applies proven military weapon storage principles to create a modern, adaptable, fire-rated gun safe.


Organizational Awareness

Clean and neat storage for firearms and gear, at a glance you know everything is there.


3-Dimensional storage

SecureIt’s line of products has the ability to store gear with the associated rifles. The steel louvered, safe back panel grid is compatible with a wide range of storage bins, trays and shelves. Gear and parts associated with a specific weapon can be stored with that weapon. For example: A Remington 870 is stored using the cradle and lower saddles. Behind the shotgun are bins to store the chokes, a sling and cleaning brushes. All parts and supplies associated with the firearm are stored with it. This makes use and maintenance very easy and organized.

SecureIt Tactical

Why is this important?

Proper storage and organization means you are safe and prepared. All firearms are stored in a ready to use condition. Optics and free and clear and will maintain “0”. Your gear is stored and organized in a logical fashion with associated firearms.

If you have made an investment into modern military style sporting and precision rifles, how you store them is critical to long-term performance, safety and value.

Then American sportsman has moved to modern firearms. It is time to move to modern storage.