Gun Cabinet: Upgrade Your Stack-On

SecureIt in Stack On gun cabinet upgraded to tactical gun storage

There is somewhere around 13 million Stack On® gun boxes in America.

That’s 13 million gun cabinets that do not properly store modern rifles and shotguns. The challenge with traditional firearms storage solutions is that they do not take into account the size and form factor of modern sporting rifles or traditional rifles with scopes.

SecureIt® CradleGrid technology conversion kits solve the problem.

Here we have a typical Stack On® gun cabinet. In this example, the cabinet has an advertised capacity of 14 rifles. As you can see there is no way you will come close to fitting 14 modern sporting rifles in this cabinet.

The stock plastic barrel holder does not provide the proper standoff for AR platform firearms or traditional rifles with scopes. The guns end up leaning against each other. The risk of damage and wear and tear is greatly increased.

Upgrading the Stack-On cabinet

Below, we are using the SecureIt® Rapid 6 conversion kit.

Rapid 6 Conversion Kit

SecureIt patented gun safe conversion kits, featuring CradleGrid™ technology, allows you to upgrade your gun storage cabinet or safe to properly store tactical and modern sporting rifles, as well as traditional rifles and shotguns. Each kit features an assortment of adjustable firearm storage components and is designed to address a wide variety of applications at affordable price points.

SecureIt Rapid 6 retrofit kit installed in-cabinet

Louvered grid panels are installed on the back of the Stack-On cabinet
In this installation, we used peel and stick Velcro®. It works really well and is fast and easy to install. The Velcro strips are put in place horizontally since this install will just hold the rifle cradles and will support little additional weight. Since there is not much vertical load on the grids in this configuration, there is not much need for a lot of Velcro. If you are going to use a lot of bins to store accessories and gear, run three strips of Velcro vertically, the length of each grid. This will provide maximum shear strength and allow you store in excess of 50 lbs of rifles, accessories, and gear on the grids, using the movable components of the CradleGrid system.

Proper storage for modern firearms.

Here we see how to properly store modern and traditional firearms together in one cabinet. The SecureIt Tactical CradleGrid system provides proper standoff from the back of the cabinet. It provides proper spacing for storing all modern sporting rifles (AR15, AR10, AK47, etc.) and rifles with scopes, and is quickly adjustable to accommodate the widely varying lengths of firearms today.

Stack-On gun cabinet upgrade, using a SecureIt Rapid 6 retrofit kit which leverages CradleGrid technology.

Here we are properly storing:

Remington 700 308 bull barrel
AR10 SuperSASS with Leupold Mk IV Scope
Colt Comp AR15
FN SCAR with Acog
S&W AR15 with Eotech
RPD machine gun

Remember, “Respect for firearms does not end when you close the door “

Tom Kubiniec

The Gun Storage Guru Considered the leading authority on weapon storage and armory design. Tom has designed and built weapon storage systems for all branches of the US military in all theaters of operation as well has foreign military forces in South America and the Middle East.

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