Universal Weapon Rack Upgrade

Upgrade your legacy systems

Before you scrap your old, outdated universal weapon racks, consider upgrading them. Save 70% on your armory renovation with SecureIt® weapon rack upgrade kits with CradleGrid™ technology.

Go from old outdated systems to simple modern weapon storage

Go from 85 different brackets and components to just one

See how SecureIt stores all your weapons with just 1 simple moving part.


There are thousands of weapon racks like this used in armories throughout the military. Developed about 15 years ago at a time when M16s and M4s had iron sights and little modularity

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Before you scrap old and outdated weapon racks, consider upgrading the cabinets to modern standards.

Upgrade Kits:

SecureIt weapon rack upgrade kits with CradleGrid technology allow you to easily retrofit old and outdated weapon storage racks and cabinets and bring them to modern military standards. Store a wider variety of weapons and gear much easier than previously. Your armorer can leverage the flexibility of the CradleGrid system to set up the weapon cabinets and armory in a manner that best meets the mission objectives and armory workflow.


The SecureIt Weapon Storage Platform will store any rifle, shotgun, crew-served weapons, and most shoulder-launched weapon systems. Learn more: SecureIt Weapon Storage Platform

Store weapons and gear in any combination or arrangement

There are no unique brackets or extra components required when you need to make changes.


The SecureIt weapon storage platform upgrades with CradleGrid technology is an affordable and easy to install solution that will bring your old, inefficient armory up to modern standards at a fraction of the cost of new weapon racks.

The system can be installed into an active armory one rack at a time, so interruption of normal activity is minimal.

To learn more, contact your SecureIt dealer or request information. We can quickly schedule a site visit at your location and give you an arms room assessment.

Before you commit to buying new weapon racks, consider an upgrade.