The AR Mag Holder | P-Mag Storage Solution

To Innovate and Simplify – Those Are Words We Operate By

When our Vertical and Angled magazine holders were developed, they were designed with our military armory roots in mind. At the time, P-Mags were not as popular as they are in today’s market. As we witnessed the shift to P-Mags and began receiving numerous comments and requests, we knew we had to act.

We listened to your feedback and heard your demands and are now excited to announce the latest product to our top of the line storage accessories. The AR Mag Holder.

What our product development team did is design one simple bracket that gives you an incredible amount of flexibility. In this one bracket, you can store up to four P-Mags for an AR-15 in one of five orientations. They can be stored vertically, inverted, sideways (facing left or right), and horizontally.

Great for gun wall displays or cabinets and safes.

Used for gun wall displays, quick access and also provides a small storage shelf.

Great for use inside of a Fast Box and Agile Model 52.

For quick access in an Agile Model 52 or TRUE Safe.

Visit our shop page to order your AR Mag Holder today!

Your Gun Safe vs. a $10 Saw Blade

Cheap Saw vs. Expensive Gun Safe

Most gun safes are built to protect against a 1970 threat level.
A modern saw will cut right through them

In this video I use an old skill saw and a modern carbide blade. It take about 15 seconds to get it started but then it cuts through a premier US made gun  safe like butter.

These saws blades are designed to field cut 1/2 thick rebar on construction sights.

Thicker steel means a more secure safe.   WRONG

Whether it is thin 1/16″ or 1/4″ plate, these saw blades go right through it. Thickness of steel is no longer a measure of security.

So what do you do?

You need to look at gun safes as preventing unauthorized access and the casual smash and grab thief. If heavy safes are not more secure, why deal with the hassle of all that weight? The average American moves every 6 years.  it will cost you more to move a heavy safes the the price to buy it.

 Use lighter smaller modular gun safes. Locate them is places where thieves do not look.




Common Security Misconceptions

What the gun safe industry refuses to acknowledge is that any gun safe can be broken into. They often push the idea that you’re getting greater security because of stickers and labels. The UL rating for security does not consider the use of an inexpensive carbide saw blade. It’s these types of blades that will destroy your safe.

When addressing this issue, another common misconception is that the saw cutting the steel will create smoke. If you’re assuming conveniently placed smoke alarm will scare off a would-be thief, you’re mistaken. The apparent “smoke” is actually not smoke at all. What you’re often seeing when this is demonstrated is the dust from the drywall inside of your safe.

The drywall itself is another security concern that gun owners should be aware of. It is often assumed that the weight from these “safes” is due to the steel. That is incorrect. What you are often getting is thin steel that is then layered with drywall and carpeting. Once a thief has made their way through the steel, the drywall and carpeting are gone in under a minute along with your valuables.

The Solution

So, how do you solve this problem? With a double, steel-walled cement filled gun safe. These safe have been on the market for some time but are often looked at as unpopular because they “don’t look pretty” and aren’t a showpiece. But the truth is, security should always come first when considering a gun safe. With a gun safe like the TRUE, security is the primary focus. This security is a function of steel and the cement composite.

Even if someone were to cut through the outer steel wall, once the saw blade hits the cement that blade is toast. Furthermore, if someone were to be successful in removing a section of steel, they would then have to work their way through 2.5” of cement and then another wall of steel. You now have time on your side whereas a residential security container disguised as a safe can be cut open in seconds.

Gun Storage Options for Condos and Apartments

Does a Heavy Gun Safe Fit your Lifestyle?

Do you live in a condo or an apartment? Do you move often? Have to deal with an HOA? If so then a big, heavy gun safe is not the best option for you.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more Americans are renting homes rather than buying. It is also expected that the average American will move 11 times during their life. With many Americans living this on-the-go, ever-moving lifestyle, finding a firearm storage system that not only keeps your guns secure but can also be adaptive to your living situation is crucial.

Proper firearm storage for many living situations can be difficult. Most homeowners association rules block the use of heavy safes in condos and townhomes. With that in mind, SecureIt offers a selection of gun storage solutions to keep your firearms safe, secure, and quickly accessible in a crisis situation.

Consider the Agile line of gun cabinets and the FAST Box line of hidden gun safes. Both of these gun storage solutions provide safety, security, are accepted by HOAs and are easily moved if needed.

The Agile Model 52

With the ability to do everything a traditional gun safe can do, the Agile Model 52 is a lightweight alternative to those unreasonably heavy gun safes.

The Model 52 features knockdown technology which can be very helpful if you move on an annual basis. It allows you to disassemble the entire safe in a matter of minutes. When disassembled it lays flat and compact for discrete and easy moving. Because let’s face it, you don’t want everyone to know what your safe looks like let alone that you have one. Also eliminating the extra expense and hassle of specialized movers. However, if you want to move it fully assembled the 52 is ultralight, weighing in at a 105 pounds. Do keep in mind, the added weight of each firearm. No worries though, grab a friend and you’ll get it done in the same amount of time.

The Fast Box Model 40 & Model 47

These hidden gun storage systems provide secure storage while not sacrificing the element of fast access.

The four button touch keypad allows you to secure your firearm with your own combination. It is discrete and can be mounted under a bed, vertically in a closet, or mounted in a car or truck. The heavy-duty all-welded steel construction makes it durable which is perfect for mobile application. A recessed full piano hinge door, also makes it adaptable for any position. The best part? It weighs less than 50 pounds.

Custom Gun Walls and Retrofitting

Already have a cabinet that your okay with or looking for something that allows for more space to be utilized? Then perhaps retrofitting your existing gun cabinet or building a custom gun wall in a lockable area is more for you!

With a SecureIt Retrofit Kit, you can upgrade a gun cabinet with the CradleGrid system and enjoy the plethora of storage accessories. Alternatively, building a custom gun wall inside a lockable room or closet allows you to store your firearms without having to deal with any large safes or cabinets making it easier to tear down in the event you plan to move in the future.

If living in a condo or apartment is the right choice for you. SecureIt is the smart choice for your secure firearms storage.

Design and Build a Custom Gun Wall / Gun Room

Building a gun room and gun walls has become very popular in America. There are many reasons to consider a gun room.


  • If you have a large collection, safes and cabinets may not work well for you.
  • Security can be easier with a properly constructed gun room with a vault door.
  • Rifle displays look great in the ultimate man cave


The purpose of this article is to give you a solid understanding of the gun storage system and how to best optimize space in your room.

What You’ll need:

  • SecureIt CradleGrid panels
  • 2 x 4s/Plywood
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drywall Screws
  • Screw gun


  • 1-2 Days
  • 2 people – for system layout and installation. Custom Woodwork or cabinets will add to the time.

Initial Planning

What is the purpose of the room or wall? There are unlimited possibilities with the CradleGrid system: High-density mass gun storage? Show and display? Storage and gun maintenance? Reloading? Most likely your project will be a combination of some or all of these.

You can custom design a gun wall or gun room to meet your exact needs. Also, consider SecureIt pre-configured gun wall kits. These are complete systems that are ready to install. 

Gun Room Sample Images

high density gun storage

Daniel Defense high density armory

Gun room gun wall display

Gun display wall

Gun room work bench

Gun work bench and reloading area

SecureIt gun wall in gun room

guns and gear storage and display

Gun Room / Gun Wall Considerations:


For estimating space requirements the general rule of thumb is 12 vertical rifles per row every 36″ of linear wall space. For horizontal displays, estimate 4 rifles for every square yard. When storing rifles vertically the length of the rifles will determine the vertical space required. We will go into more detail below.

spacing for rifles

Vertical storage – How to store the second row.

When storing rifles vertically, there are 2 ways to hold the second row: using our 6 rifle stock shelf or using individual rifle shelves.

Rifles on 6 capacity rifle shelves VS Rifles on single stock shelves

6 capacity rifle

Gun wall shelf

6 capacity rifle shelf

Supports rifles using stock bases

Gun Wall - Rifle and Gear Shelf

Shelves also hold books, ammo and gear

6 capacity rifle shelves fit anywhere on the system. The stock base supports sit on the shelf.

Single stock shelves

SecureIt Single Stock Shelf holds rifles off floor at desired height in CradleGrid system

The single stock shelves work well when you have a wider variety of rifle lengths and you need maximum vertical efficiency.


Are you using existing walls or are you building new?

Existing walls – Normal walls (studs and drywall) should be covered with 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood.

If building a new you can substitute plywood for drywall. – depending on the wall layout and other items (doors, windows, electrical) it may be beneficial to build the wall with drywall then cover the area for the gun wall with plywood.

Construction Note

The louvered panels attach to the plywood via 1″ drywall screws. There are holes punched every 2″, normally you will use 6 screws for the 16″ panels and 8-10 for the 36″ panels. If there are shelves that are holding a lot of weight (for example: full ammo cases) you may want to add additional screws to support the load.

SecureIt Small Steel Louvered Grid Panel 6 columns by 8 rows

Planning and layout for a gun wall

How many panels will fit?

To determine the maximum number of panels that will fit use the formula: wall length in inches divided by 17.25 (the width of one panel)

Our room dimensions

Above is a drawing of the room we will turn into an armory. The right side of the room is open. We will build a wall with a secure double door system.

This is the room with the gun storage system, workbench, wall built and double doors drawn in


Let’s look at each wall:

Here we have a small drawing with the walls labeled and the back wall “A”, this has grid panels and our workbench. To calculate to a number of panels: the wall is 9′ = 108″ each grid panel is 17.25″ wide so 108 divided by 17.25 = 6.26 we can fit 6 panels on the wall. these are centered and our workbench sits in front.

Wall “B” we use the same process here: wall – 18′ 6″ = 222″ — 222 / 17.25 = 12.86 so we use 12 panels.

Wall “C” On this wall we are using hardwood between the panels. This gives the system a softer and warmer look. We installed the plywood, then used 1×4 hardwood to create the framework, then the panels were attached in the center sections.

Normally we would do all walls the same, however, we wanted to use this room as a showpiece for different styles and looks.

System Height

Determine what height is right for your wall. There are two lengths of panels, 16″ high and 36″. Two rows of the large panels fit most applications. This yields 6′ of vertical grid wall. In our room, we start the bottom panels 14″ off the floor. The bottom row of rifles sits on the Stock bases on the floor. 14: off puts to the top of the system at 86″ in a standard room with 8′ ceiling the results look good and work well. You can also start panels on the floor, use Two 36’s and one 16″ panel this will give you a total height of 88″. With this option, you will have the ability to use bins, shelves, and other accessories for the floor up.


In the image above we show a 72″ high system 14″ off the floor. There are 24 rifles stored vertical and 3 horizontal. The rifle barrels at the top can be taller than the system. Next, we show floor to ceiling using 3 panels.


use 2 x 12 lumber or build a wood base on the floor for stock bases. This gets the rifles off the floor. Painting the wood Black or an accent color will give you a nice finished look.


Plywood is placed over the drywall and painted (we recommend dark grey or black) so you can attach the panels. We use 1″ drywall screws to secure the panels to the plywood. The screws will go through the plywood and into the drywall. If you want to option to remove or move the gun storage system with minimal impact on the wall. Install the plywood with furring strips to give you enough space for the screw. This is also the method for installing a gun storage system into brick or concrete walls.

For brick or concrete walls use furring strips

Block wall detail for gun room

Mounting the panels.

In a 2 panel high system, we start with the top panels. measure the height where you want the bottom. Snap a line where the bottom will be, make sure it is level. We normally will screw a temporary ledger board onto the plywood at the line so to support the panel during install. When installing screws into panels, make sure to center the screws in the holes. If a screw is off-center it can push the panel off the line as it is tightened. – quick fix: if a screw is off a bit, leave it loose until the other screws are seated then tighten this will keep the panels straight.

We install screws every 3 -4 louvers and every 2-3 rows. adding a few screws to the panel joints will keep things straight and clean.

When the panels are installed you can start adding components and firearms. There are unlimited options as far as how you store things!

Gun room with reloading bench

reloading bench in gun room

Gun Room Reloading bench

gun room reloading

Reloading dyes stored in the gun room.

Gun Smith bench in a gun room



SecureIt Gun Room Overview:

Learn More: Modern Gun Storage

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