Cradle Grid

Gun safe technology

Developed Under Contract With US Army Special Forces

Revolutionary CradleGrid Technology is the heart of SecureIt’s intelligent firearm storage system.

Firearm storage has not fundamentally changed in decades. It is static and certainly has not kept up with the sweeping changes in the size and shape of firearms. A herd mentality prevails, whether it’s a gun safe or a gun cabinet – put ‘em in the barn and close the door. Guns bump against guns. Little room for scopes. No respect for your firearms.

Recognizing this problem, SecureIt, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Special Forces, developed patented technology that adapts to the situation. We call it CradleGrid™ Technology. Like so many transformational technologies, it is elegant in its simplicity.


The CradleGrid system consists of three components: a grid panel that attaches to the back wall of a cabinet, safe, etc; cradles that can be easily re-positioned, allowing for fast system reconfiguration without the need for tools and which include an adjustable and optional bungee that goes over the barrel; and a tiered base into which the butt-stock of each firearm sits to ensure proper lean angle. CradleGrid is adjustable, adaptable and smart!


Designed to accommodate firearms with optics

A key advantage of the CradleGrid system is that it allows for storage of firearms with optics attached. The CradleGrid base positions the firearms to ensure plenty of space, even for today’s popular over-sized riflescopes. This means you are far less likely to ever bump a scope, so you’ll never need to re-zero because of an inadequate storage system.

rifle stored in rack

Fully organized; no more guns bumping into guns

With SecureIt’s CradleGrid system, you’ll get straight-line access to each and every firearm. There is never a need to move other firearms out of the way to get the gun you want.

Disorganized crowding of traditional gun safes is the #1 cause of firearm damage.

CradleGrid eliminates this problem. You’ll also get a full, direct view of your entire firearm line-up. Organize your guns as you see fit, not as your storage system dictates.

modern gun cabinet

Store and organize gear along with your firearms

CradleGrid also allows you to store and organize all your related gear right along with your firearms. There is an array of CradleGrid accessories to store handguns, magazines, ammunition and more. Everything is designed to attach to the grid, so it’s easy to configure and reconfigure, all with no tools necessary. This is something no other firearm storage system can do.

guns and gear storage

Cradlegrid is featured in all SecureIt gun storage safes and cabinets


 Kits to build custom gun room and gun walls

ultimate gun room

Building a custom gun room

This video takes you though the design and build of a custom gun room. 

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