The TRUE Safe vs. Residential Security Containers

This week at SecureIt: Ryan and Tom go over what went into the making of the TRUE Safe, how it will hold up again a saw or drill attack, and how it compares to residential security containers disguised as gun safes. Also, see Tom take one of these RSCs to task when he literally cuts through the competition to demonstrate how the gun safe industry is failing you!

Product Feature of the Week: TRUE Safe

Whatever happened to the days of gun safe companies providing a true level of security to their customers? Gun safes are supposed to keep thieves and those that shouldn’t have access away from your firearms and valuables. Instead, today’s gun safe market is cram full of products made from cheap materials and do not offer what they say they do. That is why we make the TRUE Safe.

This is a cement-filled double, steel-walled gun safe designed to keep out those that shouldn’t have access and protect your firearms. A TRUE Safe is far more likely to stop would-be thieves from cutting open your safe and give your firearms and valuables a fighting chance in a fire.

What You’ll Get

The TRUE Safe comes standard with CradleGrid Technology providing storage for eight (8) long-guns. You’ll be able to store rifles with optics attached and never need to re-zero. CradleGrid will also provide straight-line access and organizational awareness. You can inventory your firearms at a glance and never need to dig through guns to find other guns.

We do understand that some with a larger collection of firearms will require archival storage. In that event, we will offer a rod system for your TRUE Safe that will allow you to, depending on the size and shape, store 26 to 28 rifles or shotguns.

Features and Specifications