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Maximizing the space in your safe and organizing your contents efficiently is not as easy as you may think with a traditional gun safe. One challenge for owners of multiple firearms is the lack of ability to quickly inventory and access guns when they are jumbled together in the safe. Additionally, the layout of the safe is limited in customizing to suit the safe owner’s needs.

SecureIt is redefining modern gun storage. SecureIt’s CradleGrid technology (developed for the US Army Special Forces) enables rifles and shotguns to be stored in a single file line. This means content can be inventoried quickly and accessed even quicker without shuffling other guns out of the way-one arm in, one arm out. Plus, the universal modular system of SecureIt products allows anyone to customize their safe the way they want to. But what way is the most efficient?

Old, Difficult, and Incorrect Storage
guns and gear storage
Old, Difficult, and Incorrect Storage

Let’s take a look at some configuration considerations and decide what works best:

Decentralize It

First and foremost, you have to decentralize your storage. Here’s why – it thwarts thieves from finding (all) your guns when you’re not home. It also cuts down on the clutter from jam-packing everything into one solitary safe. But most of all, several hidden safes spread throughout the home better enables access to a firearm when you need it most.

ultralight fast access gun safe systems
Pictured(Left to Right): Fast Box™ Model 47, Agile™ Ultralight: Model 52, and Agile™ Ultralight: Model 40 and 52(Stack)
Get Creative

One of the most enticing elements to SecureIt’s gun safes, gun cabinets, and even gun walls and rooms, is the ability to customize the layout exactly how you want it. With traditional bulky safes, creativity is not an option. This is where you can get really creative on how you set up your storage using SecureIt’s full line of accessories, including hooks, shelves, trays, bins, pistol pegs, and more.

When I first set up my SecureIt safes, I moved accessories around several times, but did so quickly and effortlessly, to get a custom set up that fit my needs. And if those needs should ever change? I can easily rearrange the configuration thanks to SecureIt’s non-limiting modular system.

Universal Uses

Another excellent feature of SecureIt’s system is the universal accessories throughout their line of products. For example, the CradleGrid setup will work in any SecureIt gun storage system! Not to mention – the multifunctional bins work great for gear, handguns, and all other types of accessories.

Personally, the medium-sized modular storage bins are used in both my Fast Box™ Model 47 (in vertical configuration) and Agile™ Model 52 with the Pro Accessories Package, to hold extra pistol magazines. Plus, our kids go through so many batteries in their electronics that we now secure (hide) them in our Agile safe using the Small and Medium Bins! We also use the strong magnetic hooks to hold tactical medic kits in our safe rooms.

Gun Cabinet _ Agile 52 Bin Kit Promo 02
Maximize Points of Access

Without question, firearms should be stored safely and with fast access when needed. When storing firearms, consideration is focused not only on where they are placed, but most importantly how we reach to access them.

Think about those who may need to access your safe (in addition to you) and each person’s point of access. For my living situation, my husband and I are the only ones who should be opening the safes. We are not the same height, nor do we have the same dominant-side hand.

With SecureIt, we can maximize our points of access. Further explaination: In configuring the initial setup of my Agile™ Model 52, I had a shelf with a pistol positioned on top of it, at a good height for each of us to access. Through observation, I discovered the shelf was raised a tad too high where we couldn’t slip our hand in without touching other items in proximity. A quick adjustment of the shelf level, allowed us to quickly access the pistol if and when needed.

We also have a rifle in the same safe, careful thought went into where specifically the Stock Base and Cradle would rest. For us, positioning flush left works best for either of us to be able to quickly grab the rifle as soon as the door unlocks. We feel confident knowing the rifle is housed with SecureIt’s CradleGrid technology to protect it from falling over and also allowing us to remove it quickly (and quietly.) After all, it is the first item we can grab without fully extending the door open.

Putting It All Together

Although there are plenty of options, I know what defensive firearms I reach for first, and the strategic setup reflects that. It took some practice runs of opening, reaching for items, and rearranging the layout to find what made sense for my home.

In short considering decentralization, getting creative, thinking of universal uses, and maximizing access points all help to efficiently organize your safe. So, what works best? That answer is up to you.

If you want to have complete control over where you store your safe, who can access it, and how to organize it, you’ll want SecureIt.

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Written By: Emily Pritt