Storing gear and ammo with your guns can be a challenge.

The gun storage industry has never addressed gear, ammo, tools and gun parts storage, however, SecureIt CradleGrid accessories are the answer. Let’s look at the storage tray — a versatile and robust storage solution.

The metal storage tray spans 6 louvers & holds a variety of accessories.

The Metal Storage Tray is a flexible storage accessory that allows you to maximize your gun safe or gun cabinet space. The storage trays are 4″ deep, so you can fit them between your rifles and the back panel. The ability to store and organize gear behind your rifles is unique to our CradleGrid system and allows you to maximize your storage space.

Storage Tray

Storage tray in a Model 84 holding a number of magazines, ammo, accessories & cleaning equipment.

If you want easy access, put it above the row of rifles in your safe or cabinet.

I have two Metal Storage Trays in my Model 52. One is behind all of my rifles, and I have a box of ammo for each rifle that I put in the tray. The second one is above my rifles and it holds my extra magazines and a speed loader for a revolver.

The Metal Storage Tray spans 6 louvers wide, so it will fit in the Agile line or any larger cabinet. This width is perfect for ammo storage, optics, spare parts, or any other extra gear item that you’re not sure where to put. Don’t worry about weight, you will typically run out of space before you overload metal storage trays. I recommend storing no more than 20 lbs. on the tray.

For high-density ammo and gear storage order the Metal Storage Tray today!