Understanding the Frustration & Finding the Solution

This week at SecureIt: Learn about Tom’s frustrations with the gun storage industry and why SecureIt launched into retail. You’ll also see an older video that was never released where Tom reviews the Winchester Defender gun safe produced by Granite Security Products. In this review, you’ll learn about its flaws, how the internal components could be damaging to firearms and what you can do to solve the problem. Then, Ryan and Tom give you a sneak peek at a new solution.

Product Feature of the Week: CradleGrid Technology

The heart of every SecureIt gun storage cabinet and safe is a simple three-component system. CradleGrid Technology! The makeup of the system is a grid panel, a cradle, and a tiered base into which the butt-stock of each firearm sits to ensure proper lean angle. Gun owners now have the ability to obtain firearm storage that is adjustable, adaptable and smart!

You’re able to incorporate CradleGrid into an array of storage solutions, from premium gun cabinets to Retrofit Kits that allow you to convert your gun safe. You can use CradleGrid to build your own gun wall and also, get it in the same heavy-duty weapon storage cabinets we use to build full-fledged armories for law enforcement facilities or militaries around the world.

CradleGrid allows you to store and organize all your related gear right along with your firearms. There is an array of CradleGrid accessories to store handguns, magazines, ammunition and more. Everything is designed to attach to the grid, so it’s easy to configure and reconfigure, all with no tools necessary. This is something no other firearm storage system can do.

Visit our blog to learn more about CradleGrid Technology and its history of innovating gun storage.

The Answer

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