Cheap Saw vs. Expensive Gun Safe

Most gun safes are built to protect against a 1970 threat level.
A modern saw will cut right through them

In this video I use an old skill saw and a modern carbide blade. It take about 15 seconds to get it started but then it cuts through a premier US made gun  safe like butter.

These saws blades are designed to field cut 1/2 thick rebar on construction sights.

Thicker steel means a more secure safe.   WRONG

Whether it is thin 1/16″ or 1/4″ plate, these saw blades go right through it. Thickness of steel is no longer a measure of security.

So what do you do?

You need to look at gun safes as preventing unauthorized access and the casual smash and grab thief. If heavy safes are not more secure, why deal with the hassle of all that weight? The average American moves every 6 years.  it will cost you more to move a heavy safes the the price to buy it.

 Use lighter smaller modular gun safes. Locate them is places where thieves do not look.




Common Security Misconceptions

What the gun safe industry refuses to acknowledge is that any gun safe can be broken into. They often push the idea that you’re getting greater security because of stickers and labels. The UL rating for security does not consider the use of an inexpensive carbide saw blade. It’s these types of blades that will destroy your safe.

When addressing this issue, another common misconception is that the saw cutting the steel will create smoke. If you’re assuming conveniently placed smoke alarm will scare off a would-be thief, you’re mistaken. The apparent “smoke” is actually not smoke at all. What you’re often seeing when this is demonstrated is the dust from the drywall inside of your safe.

The drywall itself is another security concern that gun owners should be aware of. It is often assumed that the weight from these “safes” is due to the steel. That is incorrect. What you are often getting is thin steel that is then layered with drywall and carpeting. Once a thief has made their way through the steel, the drywall and carpeting are gone in under a minute along with your valuables.

The Solution

So, how do you solve this problem? With a double, steel-walled cement filled gun safe. These safe have been on the market for some time but are often looked at as unpopular because they “don’t look pretty” and aren’t a showpiece. But the truth is, security should always come first when considering a gun safe. With a gun safe like the TRUE, security is the primary focus. This security is a function of steel and the cement composite.

Even if someone were to cut through the outer steel wall, once the saw blade hits the cement that blade is toast. Furthermore, if someone were to be successful in removing a section of steel, they would then have to work their way through 2.5” of cement and then another wall of steel. You now have time on your side whereas a residential security container disguised as a safe can be cut open in seconds.