The Gun Safe Designed to Stop Thieves & Protect Your Firearms

This week at SecureIt: Ryan and Tom unveil the TRUE Safe – A cement filled double steel-walled gun safe. Watch as they go over the specs, benefits, and features. You’ll also learn about what went into the production of the safe and how it differs from other gun safes on the market today.

Product of the Week: The TRUE Safe

Over time, gun safes have evolved away from protection leaving gun safe owners with what are, essentially, heavy locking boxes. Locking boxes that typically have a single steel wall lined with corrosion-causing drywall and carpet. With a simple $10 saw, a thief can cut open such a “safe” in minutes. And, if you have a fire of any significance, your guns won’t survive.

That’s why we make the TRUE Safe. A double, steel-walled, cement filled gun safe made to protect your firearms and valuables. The TRUE Safe is far more likely to stop a would-be thief from cutting open your safe. Your guns will also have a true, fighting chance of surviving a fire.

TRUE Safe Features & Specifications