How to build a gun wall or gun room
Understanding panels

gun wall panels

SecureIt Steel Louvered Panels are the backbone to gun room and gun wall installations.
This article is to give you a better understanding of the panels, firearms and space.

To learn more about gun wall design, installation
and setup see the video: “How to build a gun room

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Gun room Panels are 17 1/4″ wide and come in two heights.
This combination provides many options for gun room and gun wall designs.

gun wall panel dimensions

gun wall panel image

Gun room panels stacked

How gun room panel size relates to common wall size

Below we show gun room panels on a wall to give you an idea of size and scale.
Later in this article, we will add guns

Gun wall DIY

Panels can be mounted mid-wall or over a cabinet or shelf

gun room diy

16″ gun wall panels are added on top to give space for display mount rifles or rear storage

gun room diy

Stacking 36″ gun wall panels will allow for 2 rows of rifles

gun wall diy

Adding 16″ gun wall panels on top fills out a standard 8′ high wall


dip gun room

36″ high panels will hold 3 -5 rifles in a horizontal or display style

diy gun. room panel

This shows the difference between traditional rifles and AR15 platform rifles

diy gun wall panels diy gun wall panel kit

Vertical rifle storage.

Each panel is six louvers wide. Firearms are stored at a width of 2 7/8″ on the barrel center.

Rifles stock bases can be placed on our shelves attached to the louvered panels (Above)
or the stock bases can be on a cabinet or floor  12″-18″ below the panels (below).

This proves a large are for the upper saddles to accommodate a wide variety of rifle lengths.
You also have room above the rifles for accessories and gear storage.

Panels can be placed on a wall with the rifle stock bases 12″-18″ below.

This proves a large are for the upper saddles to accommodate a wide variety of rifle lengths.
You also have room above the rifles for accessories and gear storage.

The sale rifle configuration is stored using 16″ panels. You’ll give up a bit of adjustability
and room for gear storage. If you are storing rifles of similar length, 16″ panels are very efficient.

Here 36″ and 16″ gun wall panels are mounted 18″ off the floor. There is room for vertical and horizontal firearms.

diy gun room design

A double row of 36″ panels mounted 15″ off the floor provides space for 2 rows of rifles.
Note that the barrels can run past the top of the gun wall system.

diy gun room

Two 36″ and one 16″ panel are stacked and mounted just off the floor.
This setup allows 2 rows of rifles and provides accessory and gear storage options behind the rifles all the way to the floor.

DIY gun wall kit

Wall-mounted 36″ panels with rifle shelves and base of panels

DIY gun wall kit

Adding 16″ panels on top provides more room for horizontal display.

gun wall with cabinet

Panels above cabinets where rifles sit on top of the cabinets.
Here 36″ high panels are mounted 16″ above he cabinet.

gun wall with cabinets

I have added 16″ panels to the above image.
This fills out the wall and gives you storage options behind the rifles.
see: using storage bins

DIY gun wall kit

This is the same system  mounted 18″ off the floor.
This provides space for 2 rows of vertical rifles or lots of display space.

DIY gun wall kit

Stacked 36″ panels mounted 15″ off the floor. There is vertical space for 2 rows of rifles.

DIY gun wall kit

Two 36 and a 16″ panel stacked. This gives you a wall of flexibility and storage.
Using SecureIt accessories you are able to store lots of gear behind the rifles on the wall.

gun wall work bench

Panels mounted over a work bench.

Gun room work bench

A complete home armory. Workbench, gun wall, reloading system, and 2 Agile Model 52 gun cabinets.

Installed system photos

SecureIt gun wall in gun room

Stained wood between panels gives a softer classic look

gun wall kit

Workbench wrapped in gun wall panels.

Gun room gun wall display

Wall of panels – rifle display

There are many options and possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact SecureIt to learn more.

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