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Answer™ Lightweight: Model 12

SKU: ANS-59-12TD

Answer™ Lightweight: Model 12

The Answer™ Model 12 Lightweight Gun Safe is designed to deliver fast access to your firearms when you need them and superior home security performance.

$2,399.00 $2,099.00

No 3rd party override backdoors. You have all the control!
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SKU: ANS-59-12TD



The Answer™ Model 12 Lightweight Gun Safe is designed to deliver fast access to your firearms when you need them and superior home security performance.

Featuring a lightweight design that only weights 399lbs, the Answer™ Model 12 is easy to position anywhere in your home. This also makes this gun safe an essential part of a decentralized gun storage security system.

This gun safe is perfect for storing up to 12 long guns and can be configured to accommodate numerous combinations of handguns, long guns, and accessories thanks to CradleGrid™ Technology.

Made with the same professional-grade craftsmanship that SecureIt uses for the U.S. military, The Answer™ Model 12 Lightweight Gun Safe features a heavy duty, time-tested design that is top-rated by thousands of satisfied customers.


  • Heavy duty, time-tested design
  • CradleGrid™ Technology for customizable storage
  • U.S. Military grade craftsmanship
  • Easy-to-hide design
  • Quick assembly and easy deployment


  • Keeps your guns safe and secured anywhere in your home
  • Delivers fast access to your firearms when you need them
  • Customizable to fit numerous long gun, handgun and accessory combinations
  • Can be placed anywhere in your home, office or workspace

Suggested Strategic Locations and Placements

  • Bedroom gun safe
  • Home office gun safe
  • Workspace gun safe

Gun Storage Capacity

  • 12 Long Guns (shorter than 55″ long with stock base or 58″ without stock base)
  • It can be configured to accommodate numerous combinations of handguns, long guns, and accessories

Weight: 399 lbs

External Dimensions (H x W x D): 59″ x 36″ x 18″

Internal Dimensions (H x W x D): 58 1/2″ x 35 1/2″ x 14″

  • 1 Answer™ Model 12 Lightweight Gun Safe
  • CradleGrid™ Technology
  • Customizable 10-digit electronic push button lock system (batteries not included)
  • 2 Answer™ 12 Door Organizers
  • 1 Answer™ 12 Storage Shelf (Spans entire width of the cabinet)
  • 12 Cradles with Bungee
  • 6 Stock Bases
  • 1 Power Cord and Internal Power Box with Outlets and USB Plugs
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Scott H. - Verified Buyer

I’ve been a fan of SecureIt for quite a while now. I own several of their safes and recently added the Answer 12 Pro to my storage solutions. I love the modularity and easy configuration that allows me to customize the setup to meet my ever changing needs. The heavy duty construction of the Answer 12 is serious. It’s solid and feels like a heavy weight safe with all the SecureIt light weight advantages. This safe despite its double door front access can fit comfortably in many spaces. The CradleGrid design allows me to use all their accessories interchangeably with my other SecureIt safes.

Can the Answer safes be placed on a wooden floor without reinforcement?

Yes, the safe can be placed on wood floors anywhere in your home.

Is there a reason for a double door safe?

Yes! The double doors are very compact and allow you to place the safe in a closet or other discrete location. Answer Gun Safes are also shallower than traditional old-fashioned safes. We design all our products to provide straight-line access to all rifles. This means all guns are stored in one row. You never have to dig through your guns to get to the one you want. You can open the safe, remove a rifle with one hand then close it without ever having to set the gun down.

Other than size, what is the difference between the Agile 52 and the Answer safes?

The Agile is lighter, it is 16GA steel, ships flat (It can ship UPS) and you assemble it. The Answer is an all-welded 12GA steel safe. The Answer 12 is 399lbs, the Answer 8 299lbs vs the Agile at 100lbs. Answer Gun Safes ship via truck. While they are heavier and bigger, you can still move them with 2 people and a standard appliance dolly.

Is the Answer safe as strong as a normal gun safe like Liberty or Stack-on?

Yes, The Answer is as strong or stronger than most traditional gun safes. What we have done, is build a quality safe and eliminated the drywall, carpeting, and inefficient interiors. Unlike other safes, there are no corrosive materials in any SecureIt safe or cabinet. Read our article on gun safe corrosion.

Can the doors be removed?

This is a fully-welded gun safe and the doors should not be removed. Removal of the doors will void the warranty for this product.

Answer™ Lightweight: Model 12 User Manual Download

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