Gun Safe Kit: Steel 12

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The commercial-grade Steel Retrofit Kits are made just like the CradleGrid systems in our line of premium cabinets. Retrofit any safe, cabinet or secured area that has internal dimensions of 34.5″w x 36″h to properly store any combination of 12 firearms.


  • Steel CradleGrid system for 12 firearms
  • 12 cradles: 2.5″w x 6.5″d each
  • 2 louvered panels: 17.25″w x 36″h each
  • 6 interlocking stock bases (2 firearms per base: 5 7/8″w x 10″d x 2″h)
  • Can be used on a wall in a secured room to develop an “armory”


It’s really quite simple. If you buy a SecureIt® product with CradleGrid technology and it does not perform as promised, we will refund the price of the product within 90 days of purchase, no questions asked. Simple, strong, straight forward. Just like our products.

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This kit easily upgrades a safe for optimal organization and accessibility or use  in a locking room as a started kit for your gun room.

Retrofit Kits, featuring  CradleGrid Technology are designed to upgrade any traditional safe, gun cabinet or simply attach to a wall within a locked area for proper firearm storage. The cradle adjusts on louvered grids to support individual  firearms at the barrel, rail or magwell and allows standoff to accommodate attached optics so there is no need to re zero when you retrieve a firearm. All firearms are stored in a single layer for straight line access, meaning you never have to move another gun to access the one you want. The system also promotes organization and visual awareness of every firearm for quick inventory allowing you to choose the one desired.

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  1. My brother-in-law borrowed my rifle to shoot a few woodchucks — he wanted to check out my new $1,490 scope. When I came over to get it back, I opened his safe packed with a dozen guns jammed together with my scope hung up on another site. I wasn’t happy. Since he is family, I decided to take the high road and went online to search for organized storage and came across SecureIt. The Steel 12 was the perfect solution. I got a kit for him, my brother and myself. Brilliant!

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