Recapping SHOT Show 2019

The NSSF SHOT Show took place this past week in Las Vegas, NV. We set up shop in a new booth location to show off more product and to talk about what customers can expect in the future from SecureIt.

Enough is Enough. Get The Answer.

In recent years, our booth focused on our custom Gun Walls and the modularity of our storage system. This year, we brought everything out for display. As we walked people through the booth, they got to see everything from our Fast Box hidden gun storage systems to the Answer cabinet line to the weapon racks used in our military armory installations (along with a few new prototype brackets).

Also on display in our booth was a gun safe that we cut through in a demonstration to highlight what you’re actually getting when you purchase a traditional “gun safe” (actually an RSC).

Many were shocked and surprised to hear that it only took 1 minute and 29 seconds to cut all the way around the top. This is why we displayed our collection of smaller, modular, discrete and easily hidden product lines. Why bother with a big and bulky RSC that does not provide true storage capacity when you can get something with a smaller footprint but still provide a great level of storage capacity?

The People Who Get It

In raising these points with visitors, one common reaction people had was that their “gun safe” does not store the number of guns they said they could. In fact, when walking through the show, NO OTHER GUN SAFE COMPANY had firearms displayed in their products. Why? Because they know they can’t store the number of guns they say they can. Visitors seeing our products in person for the first time also expressed interest in the ability to start with a smaller storage unit while having the ability to expand over time with the Agile Quad Kit.

Tour Our Booth

Get a walkthrough of our booth to see what we had on display:

Touring the Show

We work with a number of industry leaders to provide the best storage for their firearms and products. Check out a few displays from companies that were using SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology:

Palmetto State Armory

Falkor Defense

Horizon/Iota Firearms