Update: Overrun inventory has SOLD OUT. This promotion has ended.

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September 2017 Opportunity

We are currently in production of 525 Model 84 cabinets for the DOD. We have decided to do a production overrun and offer a limited number of DOD cabinets to the general public. The discount will be worth $525.00 off of each cabinet and the coupon code will be available while supplies last!

Note: This coupon code is available to SecureIt team members prior to being open to the general public and will be valid exclusively at secureitgunstorage.com.

Click here to learn more about our DOD Model 84 cabinets.

The coupon applies to the following 3 configurations of the Model 84 gun cabinet

Model 84 – 12/3 Gun & Gear Cabinet: SEC-300-12R

Model 84 – 24/12 Gun Cabinet: SEC-300-24RS

Model 84 – 24/24 Gun Cabinet: SEC-300-24B