SecureIt’s Solution to the Gun Safe Problem

We make no qualms about it. We are not happy with the gun safe industry. Many gun safes on the market are problematic and don’t provide the quality they claim to have. When we entered the retail market, we said that we would change the way people think about gun storage and we continue that mission as we launch The Answer. It’s the solution to all the problems gun owners face with today’s “gun safe” or residential security container.

Learn more about the latest addition to our roster of intelligent firearm storage by watching the video below.

The Answer

The fact is unless you own a real gun safe (two steel walls filled with cement) you’ve been sold the proverbial bill of goods. Your gun safe (really an RSC) is a toxic box that will corrode your firearms, will not stop thieves or fire, violates any protocol for the proper storage of firearms and is horribly heavy and hard to move. Answer™, from SecureIt®, the worldwide leader in building military armories, is the solution to these problems.

The Deception of the Gun Safe Industry

Silas Herring built what is considered the first modern gun safe back in the 1850s. His safe was made up of two steel walls filled with cement.

It wasn’t until many decades later (the 1970s) that the gun safe industry, in an effort to reduce costs, eliminated the cement and inner steel wall, replacing it with heavy drywall which they lined with carpet. This is still the design of gun safes today, which perpetuates the following falsehoods and problems.

  1. Not even a real safe – Today’s gun safes are not even real safes. They are technically categorized as Residential Security Containers (RSC). Did you know you own an RSC and not a real gun safe?
  2. Toxic box – Your gun safe is a toxic box. The chemicals in the drywall and carpet can literally corrode your firearms!
  3. Won’t stop fire – If your gun safe has a fire rating, it’s almost certainly untrue. If you have a fire in your home, the guns in your gun safe are toast. Ask any fire chief.
  4. #1 cause of gun damage – Makers of gun safes purposely make the safe door extremely heavy. This makes you think they are secure. This is also why gun safes are so deep – to counter-balance the heavy door. This, in turn, causes another problem – guns bumping into guns as you remove them. It’s the #1 cause of firearm damage!
  5. False capacity ratings – All gun safe manufacturers claim an unrealistic storage capacity. Do they think we are all fools?
  6. Ridiculously heavy – Gun safes are horribly heavy and hard to move. This, to lure you into a false sense of security.
  7. Draw attention to your guns – Gun safes are commonly made to be shiny showpieces, which flies in the face of keeping your guns hidden.
  8. Won’t stop thieves – Finally, a thief can cut the top off of your gun safe in just a couple minutes with a $20 saw.

The Answer: 12-Gun Storage Cabinet

The Answer does not contain materials that simply waste space and corrode firearms. That how we were able to make it expansive without making it deep. This means you can have straight-line access to all 12 firearms. Also, because it’s only 18″ deep, the Answer™ Two-Door will fit where gun safes can’t, even in a closet!

Product Specifications for the Answer 12 Gun Cabinet

The Answer: 8-Gun Storage Cabinet

Like the Answer™ Two-Door, the Answer One-Door designed to be durable, sturdy and dependable. It’s lighter as it is narrower and provides you with straight-line access to 8 firearms. The 18″ of depth also provides you with the ability to store the Answer™ One-Door just about anywhere in your home!

Product Specifications for the Answer 8 Gun Cabinet