Gun safe Fire Rating:  SecureIt TRUE Safe fire test results:

2:20 Minutes

At SecureIt, we believe the gun safe fire-rating system is inaccurate, misleading and in general horribly flawed. The ratings and statements stuck on the side of a gun safe are not accurate. Instead of using one of these bogus ratings we simply tested the safe and decided to publish the results for you to see. Here we share the data with you, so you can see exactly how our safe performed.

We placed our safe in the test oven, with 4 temperature probes, one in the bottom, one at the top and the other 2 spaced evenly between them. One additional probe was used to measure the oven temperature.

This is a graph of the results from the gun safe temperature probes. It shows time across the bottom and temperature on the left. The orange line shows the oven temperature and the other lines show the readings for the temp probes inside the TRUE Safe.

Conclusions from this test data:

The TRUE Safe went 2 hours 20 minutes until it reached 350 degrees.

If you look at the end of the graph you will see that after the oven was shut down the temp rose slightly for about 10 minutes then started to drop. This is significant because it demonstrates that when a fire is out the gun safe internal temperature does not continue to rise dramatically. Traditional heavy steel safes with drywall will continue to rise for up to 30 minutes. This is due to the amount of energy absorbed and stored in the heavy steel on the outside of the safe and the way the drywall inside works. Thick steel doors may look impressive and strong but in a fire, they work against you. First, steel is an extremely good conductor of heat energy and second it stores a lot of energy. When the fire is out, all that energy stored in the thick steel safe, transfers through the drywall into the storage area.

Traditional Gun safes absorb, store and transfer heat energy

gun safe fire test

The steel and drywall construction of traditional gun safes works against you in a fire.

SecureIt TRUE Safe prevents heat storage and transfer

The TRUE Safe uses a combination of steel (outer box), a composite cement mixture then more steel (inner box). The strength and security comes from this combination of materials. The TRUE Safe does not need to have super thick outer steel and thus performs much better in a fire.

True Safe heat resistance

TRUE Safe Design works to prevent heat transfer.


True Safe Introduction and Overview:

As we have demonstrated in our videos and talking points, the thicker outer steel of most traditional gun safes does not get you more real security. Cheap carbide circular saws cut right through it. The SecureIt TRUE Safe has been designed and is built to maximize real security and minimize heat transfer to the content in the safe.


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