Responding to Your Questions & Feedback

This Week at SecureIt: Ryan and Tom react and respond to questions and feedback submitted regarding the TRUE safe. They discuss more features pertaining to the TRUE, why the gauge of steel is the wrong aspect of security to focus on and more! Also, get a first look at the brand new AR Mag Holder and how your feedback inspired its creation.

TRUE Safe: Now Accepting Orders

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Product of the Week: The AR Mag Holder

When our original magazine holders, the Vertical and Angled, were developed, they were designed with our military armory roots in mind. At the time, P-Mags were not as popular as they are in today’s market. As we witnessed the shift to P-Mags and began receiving numerous comments and requests, we knew we had to act. We listened to your feedback and heard your demands and are now excited to announce the latest product to our top of the line storage accessories. The AR Mag Holder.

AR Mag Holder Specifications:

The AR Mag Holder is made from heavy-duty steel and comes with a black, powder-coat finish. It weighs in at 7 ounces, is 5-3/8″L x 3-1/3″H x 3-1/16″W, and spans two louvers in a standard orientation or three in a sideways orientation.

Up to FIVE Orientations:

With five possible orientations, the AR Mag Holder allows you to store up to four P-Mags for the AR-15 vertically, upside down, sideways (facing left or right) or horizontally. The AR Mag Holder is also compatible with steel magazines.

Head to our blog to read more about the new AR Mag Holder or visit our shop page to purchase your AR Mag Holder today!