Gun Safe Problem: Disrespect For Guns

When it comes to firearm storage, there are a number of selling points that the gun safe industry will try to use. Gun safe manufacturers specifically, will emphasize weight, thickness, and storage capacity in order to sell a residential security container. They will also point out the cosmetic value, which sounds something like “look at that beautiful looking design on the door!” The thing about those factors is that they do not add any true value to safety or security.

Weight does not add any level of security. To call a gun safe or cabinet secure based on weight alone is misleading. Any gun safe can be broken into with enough time and the proper tools. A gun safe/cabinet can be broken in to even faster when it’s made up of nothing more than thin steel and drywall. Not to mention the damage, said drywall, can do to the very thing you hope to protect. With the contents of drywall being corrosive to guns, it is actually counterproductive to store anything of value inside one of these “safes”.

Gun Safe Drywall and Carpeting
The drywall and carpeting, used inside of a residential security container, adds no value.

Furthermore shoving dozens of guns inside one safe is just as damaging. When guns are placed on top of one another their pieces knock into one another. It might seem less expensive to try and fit everything in one safe but it just is not worth it. When you’re ready to take them out and use them, they come out with scratches, dents, and broken parts. Which means spending more money to repair those issues. You’re spending more time as well trying to fix and sort through all of your damaged guns when you could be out on the range or hunting.

Gun Safe Fail
An inefficient gun storage system

At the end of the day the most important thing to remember in storing your guns is: When it comes to security, discretion is key. A thief cannot break into something they cannot find and when you have a big beautiful safe out on display, it is basically a welcome mat for theft.

The Gun Safe Solution: Intelligent Firearm Storage

After recognizing these issues within the gun safe industry, we’ve decided to take action and provide gun owners with products like the TRUE and the Answer.

The biggest difference you’ll see between the Answer and the TRUE safe is the weight. The TRUE safe weighs in at roughly 1,300lbs while the Answer 8-gun cabinet and the Answer 12-gun cabinet weigh 230lbs and 300lbs respectively. Again, don’t think of the weight in terms of additional security. Instead, look at the material that makes up that weight. It’s that material that’s the important part. Take the TRUE safe for example; the weight of the TRUE is due to the concrete composite that fills the space between double-steel walls. In many traditional gun safes, the weight is due to drywall and carpeting – two things that add ZERO value to security and are hazardous to your firearms.

Much like the TRUE, the weight of the Answer is also due to the design. Like all of our gun storage products, we refused to put drywall with glue and carpeting into the Answer and instead went with a welded steel construction. The size of each Answer was also designed to make them more manageable than traditional gun safes and residential security containers. The Answer line is meant to be discrete, accessible, and also allow you to max out its storage capacity. The included CradleGrid Technology provides you with straight-line access to your firearms, eliminating guns bumping against guns, and is compatible with all other CradleGrid accessories. The addition of the door organizer also provides a greater level of storage for your firearms and accessories like no other.

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