The Problem with Gun Safe Interiors

This week at SecureIt, Ryan and Tom discuss how gun safe interiors are inefficient and can do more damage than good. They also highlight a simple solution to this problem and show you the quick step-by-step process for installing a Retrofit Kit.

Product of the Week: The Gun Saft Retrofit Kits

Retrofit Kits come standard with CradleGrid. Additional accessories are sold separately.

Traditional gun safes and cabinets provide an inefficient environment for your firearms. These storage systems force gun owners to put guns in front of guns, which leads to firearm damage. There’s also no capacity to adjust for gun height and no room for over-sized rifle scopes. Installing CradleGrid solves those problems. That’s why we make Gun Safe Retrofit Kits.

The Retrofit Kits come in four options: The Retrofit Kit 2 and Retrofit Kit 6, which are made from state-of-the-art, lightweight olefin, and the Steel 6 and Steel 12, which are made from 14 gauge steel. Each kit can be easily installed into your existing gun safe or cabinet or utilized in other applications.

Looking to create your own custom storage space? A Steel 6 kit can be installed on the wall.

Shop the Gun Safe Retrofit Kits page and upgrade your firearm storage system today!