Hidden Gun Safes: Home Defense & Gun Storage

Home Defense & Gun Storage

This Week at SecureIt – Ryan and Tom return to reflect on SHOT Show 2019 and discuss what they noticed at the show regarding fake capacity claims. They also talk about meeting exhibitors and show visitors, hidden gun storage and its benefits and how to incorporate decentralized storage to maintain a tactical advantage in the home. Home defense gun storage is a hot topic.

Hidden Gun Storage

Home defense gun storage: the ability to defend your home means having the right type of gun storage. Single-location storage – Gun Safes do not make make sense. They are inefficient in terms of protecting your home in a crisis situation. Decentralized gun storage will provide you with fast access to your defensive firearm without sacrificing safety or security. Products like the Fast Box™ or Agile™ allow you to store multiple firearms in discrete and easily accessible locations. This enables you to protect yourself and your family in seconds.

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Securing Your Defensive Firearms with Hidden Gun Storage

Why You Need to Consider Hidden Firearm Storage

This week at SecureIt: Ryan and Tom show you the versatility of the Fast Box product line along with the benefits of hidden gun storage and storage decentralization. Be sure to watch until the end as Tom provides a major announcement regarding a game-changing addition to the SecureIt product line.

Product of the Week: Fast Box – Hidden Gun Storage

Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe

It’s a common conflict among many gun owners: The need to keep your firearms locked up and out of sight and the need for fast access to a defensive firearm in the event of a crisis situation. This is why SecureIt developed the Fast Box. The Fast Box hidden gun storage system solves this problem by allowing you to maintain fast access to your firearms without sacrificing security.

Hidden Gun Storage

The Fast Box Model 40 and Model 47 were designed for gun owners to have fast access in tight quarters. When it comes to security, it is inefficient to have just one centralized location for all of your firearms. By decentralizing your defensive firearms with the Fast Box system, you are able to store firearms under your bed, in a closet, the kitchen pantry, and even your vehicle.

Applications for the Fast Box also go beyond rifle and shotgun storage. With a Fast Box hidden gun safe, handgun owners can store a number of handguns along with ammunition and gear. Installing the Fast Box 47 in a vertical orientation (Vertical Kit required), gun owners can store up to 14 handguns or a mixture of handguns and gear.