Ultralight Gun Safe

SecureIt’s Agile Model 52 is the modern answer to the dinosaur commonly known as the gun safe.

The Agile Model 52 is a an innovative, heavy-duty, steel gun cabinet, but we prefer to think of it as an ultralight gun safe. The Agile Model 52 essentially does everything a gun safe does but without being horribly heavy or hard to move.

It’s the end of the gun safe as we know it!

The SecureIt Agile Model 52 is destined to become the answer to all of the problems with the gun safe, that over-sized, over-rated and antiquated means of storing your firearms. The Agile Model 52 offers easy and organized storage thanks to SecureIt’s CradleGrid technology. It protects your firearms from theft or fire about as well as a gun safe but weighs and costs far less.


For instant adjustability without tools


Built tough with commercial-grade 14-gauge steel; all-welded (no rivets)


Allows the Agile Model 52 to be shipped or stored flat in sections and assembled on the spot in minutes with a single wrench and minimal effort. All assembly is internal and, therefore, inaccessible when locked.

  • Ultralight Gun Safe
    Rated 4.79 out of 5

    Agile Model 52: Gun Cabinet

    Ultralight Gun Safe

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  • Accessories
    Stock base $59.90

    Stock Base Shelf

    Supports up to 6 rifles

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  • Accessories
    gun storage bins $99.95

    Bin Kit 34BN

    Assortment of storage bins and trays

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